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Since 1999, The Chaplaincy Institute has dedicated itself to bringing new models of creative ministry and spiritual leadership to meet today’s needs. Our offerings are designed for those who seek to serve in culturally and religiously diverse environments—or in new ways—using dreamwork, the arts, music, ritual and ceremony, and the labyrinth.

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Our inclusive, innovative and transformational minister, chaplain, spiritual director, and spiritual psychology training programs are designed to stretch and grow, to provoke and challenge, inspire and encourage in a compassionate and caring setting. Our students come from many places, from many cultures, and from many wisdom traditions and they serve in a wide variety of ways.

The seminary and spiritual community of The Chaplaincy Institute are infused with a spirit of harmonious living among peoples and respect for the diversity of all creation. This perspective provides a roadmap for helping to bridge the religious and cultural chasms that divide our world. In building these bridges, we begin to heal ourselves, each another, and this beautiful planet we call home.



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