Transfer of Ministerial Standing/Dual Ministerial Standing 



Application Fee


Program Fee


Seminary & Community Fee

(includes costs of academic advisor, practicum and secondary faith tradition oversight, core competency assessment, and graduation)


Other costs


 $2,400 (2 modules at $1,200)

  $  900 



$3,300 (or $3,135 if prepaid)

Materials (Books, etc.)

$100 (approximate)


Individual Spiritual Direction

As needed only:

Honorarium/donation(s) for Secondary Faith tradition mentor and/or practicum supervisor

Fees for any make-up classes missed   by arrangement with faculty member                              

Practicum requirements                                               

Supplemental personal process work that may be required based upon Vocational Assessment (for those not having had one previously), and/or ChI Student Care Plan or Faculty recommendations

$240-$1,000 (Varies; paid directly to provider by student.  One session for every month in program.)







Program Fee

Will vary based on the number of modules included in your personalized attendance plan, which is developed between you and the Dean in consideration of equivalent education or work and life experience to our requirements.  The base Program Fee of $3,300 includes participation in 2 modules and all fees (cost of academic advisor, practicum and secondary faith tradition oversight, core competency assessment and graduation) except a vocational assessment. 

Additional Fees

 $1,200 is added to the Program Fee for every module that is required over 2 from our full 12 module program.  Additionally, if student has not completed a vocational assessment with an approved provider within the past 5 years, and documentation cannot be provided, an additional $1,600 will be applied when calculating the Program Fee.

Payment Schedule (Sample)                                           

Prepay your Program Fee by the 1st of the month of your first module = $3,135


Total Program Fee = $3,300.

Initial payment due by the 1st of the month of the first module = $1,000

Remaining balance of $2,300 to be paid in equal monthly payments beginning the month following the first module attended and the remainder depending on the pace of your studies over 1, 2 or 3 years. 

Other Fees and Policies

See Other Fees and Policies including additional Payment and Attendance Policies, Policies and Fees for Leave of Absences or program withdrawals, a description of other fees associated with Cancellations, Late Payments, and Refunds, as well as additional costs for making up a class, if needed.

Financial Aid

This program does not qualify for government financial aid or student visas, nor does it qualify for scholarships or work study. 


Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements and costs, including airfare and ground transportation. Suggested travel times and details will be sent to students in advance to assist in travel preparation. Overnight accommodations and meals are not provided, though arrangements can be made to stay overnight at nearby seminaries that rent rooms.  There are also several hotels in the area near public transportation.  



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