Rev. Amy Brucker

amy-brucker2014-w.jpgRev. Amy Brucker, MA, is alumni, former co-director and board member of The Chaplaincy Institute. She currently teaches dreamwork and spiritual marketing for our Interfaith Spiritual Direction Certificate Program. Her spiritual practice is Shamanism, the result of spontaneous and unusual experiences and dreams that began  1991. Shortly afterward, she started studying energy healing techniques. She has been leading and teaching shamanic spirituality classes and offering shamanic counseling for nearly ten years, and recently started integrating shamanic healing into her work as a self-employment guide. Amy is the founder of DreamTribe, a place for healers and transformational leaders to delve more deeply into what it means to be a master dreamer. She received her Master of Arts in Spirituality from Naropa University and has a Bachelor of Arts art and art history from Gustavus Adolphus College. 


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