Rev. Megan Wagner, Ph.D.

Faculty, Spiritual Psychology


Megan Wagner, Ph.D., is Director of Spiritual Psychology at ChI and Co-Director of Tree of Life Teachings International and Kabbalah School with her partner, Jim Larkin.  A therapist, Kabbalah Teacher, Artist and Ritual Leader, Megan has been guiding people for 30 years on the path of inner transformation and psycho-spiritual awakening. She offers several training programs: Tree of Life Personal Mastery Training, The Feminine Path of Power for Women, Spiritual Psychology Certification and Ritual Facilitator Certification. In her work she combines Depth Psychology, Kabbalah and Astrology with the sacred arts of drumming, chanting, storytelling, psychodrama and ritual.


Megan holds a B.A. from Stanford University, M.A. in Theology & M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a Masters of Metaphysical Science & PhD in Transpersonal Counseling from University of Sedona. An ordained Interfaith Minister through the Chaplaincy Institute, she is also a certified Pranatherapist from The School for Spiritual Healers in Damanhur, Italy. Megan is author of Awakening with the Tree of Life: 7 Initiations to Heal Body, Soul and Spirit and 6 initiation stories: The Story of Majah, The Story of Chiman, The Story of Oyuna, The Story of Pujai, The Story of Salima and The Story of Ariadne. Soon she will publish Women’s Initiations: Stepping into Full Feminine Wisdom. She has created over 60 Guided Meditations, a CD of Sacred Chants and 33 Sacred Robes of her own design and creation. Megan also hosts a podcast show called 18-Minute Enlightenment and also leads transformational journeys around the world for personal and planetary healing.

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