Rev. Katrina Leathers, M.A.

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Core Faculty, Arts for Awakening

Rev. Katrina Leathers, M.A. first trained as a psychotherapist specializing in Expressive Therapies, with a particular focus on dance therapy. She worked primarily with expressive arts for healing childhood trauma and abuse. Over time, her spiritual focus became primary, so she was ordained as an Interfaith Minister at The Chaplaincy Institute in March 2012, and then certified as a Spiritual Director. She presented in 2015 at the On Lok conference on “Spirituality and Aging” and trains Unitarian Universalist youth chaplains on suicide prevention and intervention. She also works as a retreat chaplain for UU youth conferences.  She was raised as a Baha’i, but later discovered shamanism and completed The Three Year Program in Core Shamanism with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She particularly loves working with people who are “non-affiliated,” spiritual-but-not-religious, agnostic or atheist. At The Chaplaincy Institute, she is joyfully overseeing the Arts for Awakening curriculum, and envisioning new forms for transformational creativity.

email:  Karina Leathers

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