Interfaith Ministers and Chaplains

The following individuals have received their certificate from The Chaplaincy Institute for completion of the Interfaith Studies Certificate Program, were ordained Interfaith Ministers, and are Members in Good Standing with The ChI Interfaith Community.

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H - L

Rev. Eleesabeth M. Hager

Rev. Kerry Halligan

Rev. Pamela Dawn-deForest Hancock

Rev. Robert Hardy

Rev. Barbara Harris

Rev. Cynthia Hildreth

Rev. Diane Hirsch

Rev. Erin Hollander

Rev. Amy Hoyt

Rev. Sheldon Hurst

Rev. Elizabeth Hutchins

Rev. Harvey Hyman

Rev. Beth Johnson

Rev. Molly Johnson

Rev. Leah Grace Brienna Kayler (Rev. Leslie Kagan, M.Ed., M.B.A.)

Rev. Pat Kleinberg

Rev. Kathleen Koprowski

Rev. Kat Kowalski

Rev. Allison Krizner

Rev. Ali Marie Langton

Rev. Bonnie Novakov Lawlor

Rev. Katie LeCount

 Rev. MK LeFevour

Rev. Betty Light

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Our Interfaith Ministers:

  • Support people in finding meaning within life, crisis, suffering, and loss, as well as sorting out their relationship to the Divine
  • Provide compassionate, respectful spiritual care to people of all faiths, as well as people of no faith.
  • Assist people in celebrating and ritualizing the cycles of life, including weddings and memorials
  • Are active participants in the world community of clergy from all faith traditions who hold the model of Interfaith spiritual life as appropriate for our world today.
  • Recognize the Holy everywhere: in prisons, hospitals, hospices, corporations, houses of worship, nature, and the streets.
  • Provide leadership to foster peace, justice, and sustainability in our world. 


Types of Interfaith Ministers

ChI's ordained clergy serve in traditional settings, such as hospital and hospice chaplaincy, as well as in emerging forms of ministry, such as eco-chaplaincy. ChI's ordained alumni are fostering peace, healing, harmony, and justice around the world.

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