Interfaith Spiritual Director Interns

updated January 2018

The following individuals are working to complete their field work as Spiritual Director interns before they are eligible to be certified by The Chaplaincy Institute.  Interns are available to provide spiritual direction at no charge to their directness.

Providing Complimentary Spiritual Direction sessions

Students enrolled in the Interfaith Spiritual Direction Certificate Program provide complimentary spiritual direction sessions to clients to develop and hone their spiritual direction skills. This contextual learning gives each student the opportunity to integrate the concepts and intellectual constructs into the flow of lived experience. This is where each student can test their wings and begin to grow their skills within the supportive structure of our learning community.  Sessions can be done in person or virtually.  The following are current interns:

Northern California

Kuji Ajani, Berkeley, CA - ajanikuji(at)

Ben Bigney, Oakland, CA - benbigney(at)

Rebecca Cone, Alameda, CA - godmuddah(at)

Philip Decker, San Jose, CA - pdeckeryogi(at)

Shannon Eizenga, Oakland, CA - shannon.eizenga(at)

Leah Grace, Livermore, CA - lmaxwellstyles(at) 

Benjamin Griffin, Berkeley, CA - chlkbg(at)

Michael Haley, Napa, CA - michael(at)

Karen Jandorf, Oakland, CA - karenjandorf(at)

Rob Ham, Richmond, CA - rham94707(at)

Marla Kolman Antebi, Alameda, CA - marlainpeace(at)

Ali Marie Langton, San Francisco, CA - alimarie123(at) 

Chai Levy, Albany, CA - rabbichai(at)

Becky Leyser, Berkeley, CA - becky(at)

Emily Lyon, Albany, CA -mly_lyon(at)

Shawn Masten, El Cerrito, CA - smasten25(at)

Will Meecham, Novato, CA - willmeecham(at)

Marilyn Morris, San Mateo, CA - chaplain.marilyn(at) 

Martha O'Hehir, Berkeley, CA - mmohehir(at) 

Tom Schluckevier, Berkeley, CA - tschluck(at)

Rev. Peggy Sharyon, Petaluma, CA - sharyon6(at)

Sonsiris Tamayo-Dewitt, Hayward, CA - sonsiris(at)

Anya Taylor, Oakland, CA - anyaschmidttaylor(at)

Lujuan Thompson, Hayward, CA - chaplthompson(at)


Southern California 

A. Marina Aguilar, Pacific Palisades, CA - yourbrilliance(at)

Patricia Eder, Santa Barbara, CA - patricia(at)

Kathleen Henry Sanders, Fair Oaks, CA - ktsndrsaloha(at)

Kip Wannamaker, Thousand Oaks, CA - kawanamaker(at)

Kristia Wolf, Scotts Valley, CA - kristiabwolf(at)



Kimberly Murman, Mesa, AZ - kimberly.murman(at)


Rosanne Lavoy, North Palm Beach, FL - rosannegrammatico(at)



Cynthia Pollock, Boise, Idaho - cindylp(at) 


Martha O'Hehir, Annapolis, MD - mmohehir(at)


Rev. Annie Houghton, Salisbury, MA -   annie70.ah(at)


Deb Hansen, Levering, MI - debhansenmail(at)


Rebeccah Bennett, St. Louis, MO - rbennett(at) 


Marianne Spitzform, Missoula, MT - mspitzform(at)

North Carolina

Anthony Graffagnino, Durham, NC - acgraffa(at)



Reet Mae, Scarborough, Ontario - eestireet(at)


Elizabeth Hallet, Ashland, OR - elizabeth(at)

Daniel Miller, Portland, OR - danreedmiller(at)

Bonnie McAnnis, Portland, OR - brbik(at) 

Jolie Elan - jolie(at)



Deb Anderson, Newport, TN, - debanderson.kika(at) 


Kent Taylor, Richardson, Texas - kenttaylor(at)


Mary Coon, Fall City, WA - maryfcoon(at)

Judith Holloway, Chewelah, WA - jsh.stil(at)

Julie Kendrick, Mount Vernon, WA - kendrickcs(at)

Mary Rhine, University Place, WA - maryrhine(at)

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