Interfaith Spiritual Directors

The following individuals have received their certificate from The Chaplaincy Institute for completion of the Interfaith Spiritual Direction Certificate Program.  Clicking on a name will lead you to his or her LinkedIn profile, email, or website (as available).


San Francisco Bay Area

Alameda County

Rebecca Cone

Chaplain Adam G. Briones

Howard Curtis

Mary Foran

Devaa Haley

Carson Hawks

Elizabeth Hutchins

Kimberly Hogg

Brenda Loreman

Christy Parks-Ramage

Rev. Aida Merriweather

Barbara Meyers

Rev. Joellynn Monahan, M.Div. M.Ed

Martha Kay Nelson

Shannon Pace

Laura Prickett

Lindsay Ralphs

Christa Reynolds

Douglas Roth

Patricia St. Onge

Betty Spamer

Jan Thomas

Lujuan Thompson

Lisa Thorne

Suzanne Tindall

Rev. Lauren Van Ham, M.A.

Kent Welsh

E. Contra Costa County

Margaretmary Staller

Rev. Joanna Truelson

Vicki Weiland

Scott Winters

W. Contra Costa County

Rob Ham

Rev. Katrina Leathers

Rev. Moana Minton Meadow

Rev. Frances Moulton

Jane Ramsey

Marin County

Rev. Paula Matthews

Rev. Scott Quinn

Rev. Elizabeth River

San Francisco

Terry Ebinger

Sahina Grinczer

Rev. Douglas Roth

San Mateo County

Rev. Amy Brucker

Terry Ebinger

Susan Flax

Tereza Fite McNamee

Laurie Karzen

Rev. Allison Krizner

Santa Clara County

Barbara Broadbent

Susie Idzik

Rev. Sharon Leman, M.L.A.

Sonoma County

Meg Alexander

Jennifer Bernstein

Michelle Brandt

Rev. Cameron McKinley

Peggy Sharyon

Sally Singingtree

Rev. Tristy Taylor


Mary Anne O'Halloran


Rev. Judith Cowles

Rev. Betty Light

Debbie Moody

Rosie Potestio


Leslie Adams

Karen Gatlin

Jerilyn Harris

Mary Jeanne Hawes

Amber Sturgess


South West


Melinda Hutton

New Mexico

Rev. Hollis Walker


Marybeth Melcher


Martha Hales

Julie Vesely


North West


Rev. Sheldon Hurst

Laurie Smith


Rev. Karuna Duval

Kathryn Harja

Cynthia Peter

Juliana Perez

Susan Morrisson (retired)

Rev. Bonnie Novakov Lawlor


South East

North Carolina

Brian Relph


Willie Ruth Harris

Rev. Mike Stamper, Ph.D.

Rosanne Grammatico


North East

New York

Kate Bednarski


Rev. Diane Hirsch


Mid West


Stephen Griffith


Amy Hoyt


John Florian






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About Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction (or spiritual guidance) is the art of companioning people on the spiritual journey. To seek to live in alignment with path and soul can be challenging, exhilarating, sometimes even heart-wrenching. A skilled Spiritual Director listens carefully, asks lots of questions, points out things he or she notices that the client may have missed, and supports the client's spiritual unfolding. More ...

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