Interfaith Spiritual Direction Certificate Program



Application Fee:  $65

Program Fee - $4,800 ($1,200 x 4 modules) *

                          or $4,560 if prepaid (see below)

Other Costs:

Books:  $75 (approximate)

Individual Spiritual Direction:  from $1,200 (Rates vary from $40 to $125 per hour; paid directly to provider; total of 30 sessions)

Practicum Supervision:  from $480 (Rates vary from $40 to $150 per hour; paid directly to provider; total of 12 sessions)


Graduation Fee:  $100 (optional)

If student wishes to be publicly recognized when receiving their certificate of completion at a ChI Community gathering, this fee will be assessed on the first of the month that the ceremony is held.

If you are a student in the Starr King Joint Programthis fee will vary (see below).

* If you are a ChI Interfaith Studies Certificate Program student or graduate, you are eligible to receive a 10% discount. The program fee would be $4,320.  No other discounts would apply.  You can prepay the entire amount or pay $1,600 by August 1 and $340 a month for 8 months (see below for more information on payment schedule).

Payment Schedule

Prepay your Program Fee by August 1st, and earn a 5% discount, with a prepay fee of $4,560.


$4,800 total fee.  Initial payment due by August 1st = $1,600

Remaining balance of $3,200 to be paid in equal monthly payments beginning September 1st through April 1st of the following year (the last scheduled module month) at $400 per month due by the 1st of every month.

Financial Aid

This course does not qualify for government financial aid or student visas. A limited number of scholarships are available for those who qualify. Work Study programs are also available. Either (not both) of these programs are available to new students not yet enrolled only.  See below for more information.

* For Students in the Joint Program with Starr King School for the Ministry

If you are beginning your studies at ChI and are transferring credits from ChI's Spiritual Direction Program to Starr King's master degree program, the fees above apply.  There are no discounts for the Spiritual Direction program for those entering the Joint Program at Starr King (the GTU equivalent rate for this program is larger than what ChI charges).

If you are are a Joint Program student and have begun your studies at Starr King and you're coming to ChI - your ChI program fee and tuitions will be paid to ChI by Starr King from the fees students pay to SKSM for their studies toward a master’s degree, of which the program at ChI is a part.  (If students choose to attend Chi before SKSM is abie to fund their studies with us, students will be charged a discounted fee. Please inquire with ChI's bookkeeper.)

For More Information on the Joint Program 

Withdrawal & Refund Policy

Program Fees:  Payments made on the payment plan are non refundable.  Students who prepay and decide to discontinue their studies or are asked to discontinue, will receive a prorated refund, minus the refund fee (see Other Fees for more information).  

Other Fees and Policies 

See Other Fees and Policies including additional Payment and Attendance Policies, Policies and Fees for Leave of Absences or program withdrawals, a description of other fees associated with Cancellations, Late Payments, and Refunds, as well as additional costs for making up a class, if needed.



Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements and costs, including airfare and ground transportation. Suggested travel times and details will be sent to students in advance to assist in travel preparation. Overnight accommodations and meals are not provided.  Arrangements can be made to stay overnight at nearby seminaries that rent rooms for reasonable rates.  There are also several hotels in the area near public transportation.  People coming by air do not need a car; public transportation is plentiful in Berkeley.  More information is available here. 


We are committed to making our interfaith education programs accessible to all qualified applicants. In this spirit, ChI is offering scholarships to eligible applicants.  Scholarships:

  • apply to Interfaith Studies Certificate or Interfaith Spiritual Direction Certificate Program students.
  • are available to Interfaith Studies students completing the full program (12 modules).  Those taking less than 12 modules are not eligible.  Applicant must plan to complete the course in 2 years or less.
  • offer recipients a discount off of Program Fee. There are 2 levels of scholarships.  Level 1 scholarships where fee is reduced by $500 or level 2 scholarships where recipients will receive a reduced fee of $1,000.  Prepay discounts do not apply to scholarship students.
  • are given to new applicants (not to current students) who are eligible as funds are available. 
  • are applied to Program Fees only and should not be requested to offset expenses associated with travel, books or other program costs.
  • are considered based on financial need.

Download Scholarship Application: PDF or DOC


The Chaplaincy Institute (ChI) is committed to making our courses accessible to all qualified applicants. In this spirit, ChI offers a limited number of work study positions to provide partial assistance with Program Fees to students who are enrolled in the full 12 module Interfaith Studies Certificate Program or in the Interfaith Spiritual Direction Certificate Program.  Work study opportunities are not available to students in other ChI programs.   The most important factors that are considered when determining work study awards are a student’s financial need, matching of specific skill sets to organizational needs, and student’s ability and commitment to keeping a regular work schedule that we can count on and manage to.  Work Study awards are applied to Program Fees only and should not be requested to offset expenses associated with other program costs.

Download Work Study Application: PDF or DocX

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