Hybrid Distance Learning

In the past decade, distance education – commonly referred to as ‘distance learning’ – has become an increasingly popular way for education institutions to provide access to their programs and for students to learn about topics and get education they might not otherwise be able to pursue.

At ChI, we offer hybrid distance learning to teach students from all around the globe.  Our goal is to join the best features of in-class teaching with independent learning to serve the needs of people who cannot afford to spend time on a campus regularly to take a course.

In Person Instruction:

Students attend 2 1/2 to 5-day classes called Thematic Learning Modules. Students travel to Berkeley, California for important interaction and instruction for the development of personal, interpersonal, and theoretical skills.  Information about travel to Berkeley is here.

Independent study:

Between the 2 1/2 to 5-day Thematic Learning Modules, students work independently on homework, practicum, and spiritual practices. They communicate with faculty and classmates via email and social media for information sharing and forwarding assignments. 

This approach – learning on your own from home and also attending face-to-face classes – makes it easier for some students to participate in our education programs while balancing work and family commitments, and those who live in geographically remote areas and do not have readily available access to similar education in their areas.

While hybrid distance learning may be more flexible, it is not less work than a traditional on-campus class.  Students dedicate an average 10-20 hours per month to the course in addition to the travel and classroom time of the 2 1/2 to 5-day module intensives.

Thus, hybrid distance learning requires that students are extremely self-motivated and disciplined, function independently, employ strong time management skills, and be able to use Internet technology to share their work and educational experiences with others in various formats.

We do not provide on-line learning because the nature of our courses is centered on human connection.

Participants commute from near and far to attend classes in Berkeley, California.

Information about traveling to Berkeley is here.

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