The Path to Interfaith Ministry & Chaplaincy

When we embark on an adventure, or take a pilgrimage, there are tools and guides that we can take that will help prepare us and orient us to new landscapes, cultures and ways of being. These days you begin with the process of applying for a passport and visa to travel. The Chaplaincy Institute can be your passport to travel and your visa to enter the terrain that will lead you towards your destination of becoming an ordained interfaith minister, a professional chaplain, or spiritual care provider.

In our Interfaith Studies Certificate Course you can develop the skills of conscious spiritual leadership, the elements of inclusive worship, and the design of Interfaith ritual. You will have the opportunity to co-create a worship service for our congregation that includes all the skills of developing liturgy, using sacred texts, and offering prayer.

The training of Interfaith ministers and chaplains incorporates studies in world religions, spiritual psychology, Interfaith theology, dreamwork, pastoral care, ceremonial rites, and community ministry. Students gain a deeper understanding of the world’s faiths, while simultaneously deepening their relationship to their own spiritual traditions. Creative approaches are emphasized, along with practical pastoral skills such as deep listening, presence, and compassion.

The contributions of our students transcend the limits of educational exercises and become part of the growing collective body of interfaith and inter-religious wisdom that is so essential and needed in our world today. To get a clearer view of these gifts and contributions from our community members—including current students, faculty and staff, and ordained clergy/alumni working in the field of interfaith spiritual care—please visit our Library page.

ChI’s ordained clergy are working as health care and hospice chaplains, bringing an informed Interfaith perspective to  settings that serve people of many faiths as well as people of no faith. The Chaplaincy Institute’s ordination and ecclesiastical endorsement have been recognized by the Association of Professional Chaplains (APC), the organization that confers board certification for professional chaplains who work in health care settings.

Interfaith Studies Certificate Course 


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Our Interfaith Studies & Ordination programs can lead you to a fulfilling career as an Interfaith minister and chaplain.  

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