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Meet Rev. April Bolin, A Modern Day Prophet

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April Bolin describes herself as blunt.  She speaks truth to people, in a way that may be considered blunt by some, but may be also viewed as speaking truth in the prophetic voice to a country going through a great deal of change. "I am one of the local reverends that opens the doors, so people can have a sanctuary to process what is weighing heavy on their hearts."  

As a licensed clinical social worker, she has increasingly seen her focus become one of social justice and of healing racial tensions that have resulted from 500 years of injustice and oppression that is the history and heritage of the USA.

Like many prophets, April received a calling that she responded to in the time honored response - What? Me?  In her case, it was "You've got to be kidding." In spite of her incredulity, she recognized that she knew who or what was speaking to her.  Her theme for the year of her calling was "order my steps" and she knew she had to pay attention.  Interfaith, the honoring of all traditions, all ways of approaching the holy, was her deep soul's calling and that led her to Chi and her ordination.   One of the gifts that arose from her time in Chi was the development of a forgiveness workshop, that focuses on healing the wounds of racial injustice and inequality.

The workshop's inception was in seeking a vision that would be spirit directed with a group of friends. The workshop  "Practicing Forgiveness, an experiential workshop for discovering peace of mind", arose from that visioning exercise and April continues to present the workshop now with her co-facilitator Rev. Allen Mosely to bring about healing and the possibility of a healthy race consciousness.  One that would open people to speak truth to one another and acknowledge the reality that people of colour, LGBTQ communities, Latinos and others face in America today.

April describes the core of the workshops as clarifying what forgiveness is and what it is not.   It is not about letting people get away with hurting each other as in the "forgive and forget" approach.   April sees forgiveness as a way of soul healing that allows people to heal the past, live in the now and make decisions based on the here and now.  "If we are making decisions based on our past pain, we have a wounded child, a person who is injured making the decision.  We can embrace that wounded part, but let's have the healthier part step up and make the decision so that we can change the course of our future."

The power of this workshop is in addressing in a healing way the serious and longstanding inequities that formed the culture of the country.  Rev. April is also working on creating wellness workshops and her website: reflects both her heart for healing and her prophetic voice.

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