Spiritual Renewal Ministry

Meet Rev. Felicia Parazaider, Revivalist in the New Paradigm

Rev Felicia.JPGFelicia is a minister, a visionary, working in a new paradigm, within an old-fashioned "revival meeting" approach, providing spiritual renewal outreach to the broader community while based in a rooted local ministry. Her ministry "Revolution of Love" arises from her desire to call people home, to their truth, to a place of love and expansiveness.  The use of the world "revolution" stands for both the deep inner work required for "Agape" love to be truly embodied, as well as creating a movement of radical love.

In 2002, after meeting a homeless man, who shared his story of addiction and brokenness with Felicia in an unexpected late night encounter, Felicia found her calling when she told the man "don't give up, there's always hope".   The "Revolution of Love" has grown to become a ministry of spiritual renewal and outreach, welcoming everyone, and offering a message of hope. This ministry of word and music invites people to become authentic, to recognize and honor their own worth, and then move out to minister to a hurting world.

Felicia has "taken her show on the road" to Los Angeles, and is currently developing a traveling ministry around the country.   A brief video of this work can be viewed at the following link:


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