Blessings & Prayers

20 Quotes from the Ancient Scriptures of Hinduism

25 Bible Passages for Spiritual Care and comfort

5 Readings from the Holy Qur-an

A Meditation on the Lord's Prayer

A Mosaic of Bead Blessings

A Prayer for Those Who Minister

Flowing in the River of Spirit

Gina Rose Invocation Sept Ordination

ChI Founder Rev. Gina Rose provided this greeting and Invocation at the September 2016 Ordination Ceremony and Celebration. Due to ill health, Rev. Lauren Van Ham read it aloud on Gina Roses behalf.

Hinduism and Embracing the Darkness: A Garland of Blessings

Holy Sparks: Bead Blessings from the Mystical Judaism Module

How Amazing Are All Your Forms

Inside an Ancient Rhythm

Interfaith Prayer Liturgy

My First Concelebration

When ChI clergy member and Spiritual Director, Rev. Karuna Gerstein, MSW, and her partner, Dan, accepted an invitation to celebrate mass for the first time with an independent Catholic community in her hometown, she didn't realize she would be fulfilling a childhood dream. "Then I heard something: 'this is what you dreamed of as a child…to be a priest…to be an intimate part of the mass…to be close to God in the way priests are….to participate in the most holy part of the Catholic faith, the mass.” A Portland, Oregon resident, Karuna, one of ChI's first ordinands, wrote about her recent experience, and shared it with ChI.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Praying for ChI

What happens when you pray for ChI? Or send it loving kindness in your meditation? If you didn’t think of it, don’t feel bad—it happens to the best of us. But I offer it to you as a suggestion for your own discernment. There are so many ways we support the good work of this school—through tuition, through volunteer time, through financial gifts—why not support ChI in prayer, too? Even those of us who are too busy to volunteer or too strapped to donate can do that. Won’t you consider adding ChI to your prayer list, too?

Psalms (Tehillim) Excerpts from the Hebrew Bible

Remove the Hindrances

The Gentle Healing Luminescence of God

The Peace Seeds: Interfaith Prayers for Peace

The Seeds of Becoming

The Still Small Voice

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