"What Is Interfaith?" Gleanings from Student Sermons at the Interfaith Module

Author: The ChI Student Community
Newsletter Issue: March 2008

EXPLANATORY NOTE:  The Student Sermons at ChI's Interfaith Module (in June 2007) were filled to overflowing with nuggets of Interfaith wisdom. As the sermons continued, one could sense a collective wisdom that was almost palpable, emerging from these diverse and beautiful offerings. Afterwards I wove gleanings from the sermons into the following synthesis of Interfaith spirituality, as reflected through the 'prism' of ChI students' lives and learnings.  —Rev. Jan Thomas


There is only one religion—the religion of Love.
God is One, with many names and forms.

God’s infinite faces, the light of Source,
Refracted in the prism of the human soul.

The Divine in me seeks the Divine in you.
There are boundless ways to worship the Source of All.

“We are all made in the image of God,” says Christianity. 
“We can realize our Oneness with Buddha Mind,” says Buddhism.

"While I am committed to my own faith tradition,
I am more committed to Interfaith."

Interfaith is not a religion, but walks among the religions.
Look for the common ground.

Full-spectrum spirituality,
The complete range of colors in the Divine’s palate.

A reclaiming of spiritual imagination,
The next step in human evolution.

Interfaith is not lofty—it can be found
In the simplest of human connections.

May you be sustained through the hills and valleys of life,
Places of profound transformation.

"Your tears run down my cheek as well.
Your suffering pains my heart also."

Pain is the rich soil in which transformation is rooted.
May your tears be your greening.

"As my love for the Divine in me deepens,
My love for the Divine in others deepens as well."

We are God’s mouthpieces and hands.
Art—the sparks of God.

I reach for your hand in our common walk
Of transformation, of healing, of Interfaith awakening.

In the name of the Most Holy, I bless you.
May you find your calling, living from your fullest Self.

May we live in the ecstasy of Oneness and Grace,
Separate waves in an Ocean of Light.

I am in you and you are in me.
Life is a mystery. Live only Love!

Sing out in fullness of joy,
At rest in the essence of All.

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