“What is Your Vision for ChI’s Role in the Interfaith Movement?”

Author: The ChI Student Community
Newsletter Issue: October 2009

Ambassadors of Interfaith Diplomacy

A quickening of the spiritual metabolism

Re-visioning theological education
to serve our pluralistic world

The call of the Modern Mystic

A Spiritual Commons

Offshoots of the Great Source,
in whatever way we understand that Source

Grounded mystics, serving the world

Cultivating the radiant heart

Pushing the boundaries
of spiritual inclusiveness

Exploring the wide spectrum of colors
in humankind’s rich spiritual palate

Working with those between the lines—or boxes—
of traditional religious institutions

Roots and wings and heart for the world

Exploring faith differences
with loving, interested, open hearts

Pragmatic skills / tools / resources
for inclusive spiritual support

Bountiful opportunities
to participate directly in other faiths

Close encounters with
the Great Mystery


SOURCEStudent brain-heartstorm about The Chaplaincy
Institute and Interfaith Ministry, from a class taught by
Ken Homer at the June 2008 Interfaith Module.

The above text is adapted from class notes by Rev. Jan Thomas.

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