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...has reminded us:

You are why we, at ChI, do what we do.

Why we give. Why we serve. Why we dedicate our time.

Finances. Heart. Soul.




This month we’re spotlighting what happens when you give - how our ChI Interfaith Community is creating sacred connection. As Interfaith Ministers, Spiritual Directors, Chaplains, Lovers of All.


Thank you...

Community Spotlight


Chaplain Bob Drake

Ocean Soul Renewal

Beyond serving as a member on ChI's governing board, Bob has taken his gifts, empowered by ChI, and has partnered with the Ocean to assist in his practice of Spiritual Care. Here's an excerpt from his practice OCEAN SOUL RENEWAL: 

"Ocean Soul Renewal brings you spiritual and emotional care, and guidance in times of grief, loss and change. We provide personal, family, and community memorial services and guidance, conflict management, grieving and bereavement care. Services include memorials, communication and life coaching, conflict resolution as well as restorative justice/peace circles for school bullying, family, organization and community. We excel in facilitating respect-based communication, conflict resolution and problem-solving to heal suffering from conflict, trauma, loss and change."

Spiritual Director Susie Idzik

This Spirited Life

Susie has worn the hats of student at ChI, Staff at ChI, and now Part-Time Faculty. Specifically, Susie is giving back in a huge way by offering a special intensive in 2018 geared toward helping Spiritual Directors thrive in this economy while maintaining self-care. This class will be announced soon, however, here are some words from Susie on her practice THIS SPIRITED LIFE: 

"Everyone deserves to have someone listen to them deeply and to be wholly supported as they navigate life. This is not a luxury; this is, in fact, how we step into the life we are intended to live...I work one-on-one with people who feel muddled about life and yearn for clarity. I support women, men, adults and teens as they navigate their own spirited life. Through deep listening and compassionate curiosity and a healthy dose of levity and humor, I help clients to feel grounded in their own explorations and decisions."





Hospice Chaplain

Landscape Architect


MAR 2016


ChI alum, EM Hager continually finds ways to give back to the community. Currently, her book Field Guide to Caregiving offers a chance to understand how "to care for yourself while you are caring for a loved one who has fallen ill...It's not about blame...but renewal and remembering what we came here to do. The Rules for Renewal are about remembering to care well for myself and others."


Check out EM's wonderful work below. 








SEPT 2016

Rev, Jenifer Ingerman Miller has created a new tool for exploring the Genogram and Family Systems. GenogramJam!TM consists of nearly 500 sensory-pleasing pieces made of wood, leather, and cardboard. Jen has designed and illustrated mapping cards that fit together to create one’s unique family construction, while offering a diverse, gender-inclusive variety of cards for identifying one’s people. Colorful wooden pieces designate health and behavioral factors, and leather cord, coupled with emotional relationship cards allows one to delineate family relationships across generations. Whimsically illustrated stand-up pieces enable identification of roles that one plays within the family. A family layout might cover a 2’ x 4’ area on a table or on a floor, and is a powerful tactile and visual way to interact and engage with one’s unique family stories, creating awareness of family patterns, and exposing areas that need healing. She is excited to report that several MFTs in her local community have already found tremendous value in GenogramJam!TM, and she hopes it will become known in seminary and CPE settings as a learning/teaching tool.



Currently, Jen is in her 4th unit of CPE at Kaiser, San Leandro.  A book of reflections on her CPE experience is anticipated for late Spring 2018. Jen was recently accepted into Earlham School of Religion’s M.Div program.


Visit Jen's website to see more creative offerings.


Members of our community continue to offer

spiritual care. Please continue to send your thoughts and 

prayers to all those affected and those leaning in to

assist those with the greatest need.


Elizabeth Hutchins and Pat Kleinberg  work alongside the Salvation Army providing spiritual care for those affected by the NorCal fires at Coffey Park in Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa fires first response Chaplains offer comfort and spiritual solace to those affected by the wildfires.

Community Minister Jessica Shine preaches at  Northbrae Community Church honoring those who have passed on during their annual Dia de Los Muertos celebration and observation.

This Dia de Los Muertos alter built by Rev. Margaret Northall in the Chapel at San Francisco General Hospital is Dedicated to all those whom died in the North Bay Fires.

Seminary Spotlight 2018

Catholic & Orthodox Christianity Themed Intensive

January 17-21, 2018

Eco-Ministry Instensive

February 14 - 19, 2018 and
​May 29 - June 1, 2018

Science and Spirit: A Journey through Inquiry, the Cosmos and our Belonging to the Universe Intensive

February 21 - 23, 2018


Emerging Communities of Spirit: The Spiritual but Not Religious Intensive

February 19 - 20, 2018


There is still work to be done. Still connections to be made. Lives to be made whole. Healing to be had. We can’t do it alone.
This is OUR time. Let’s do this… together.



The ChI office will be closed December 18th, 2017

through Janunary 1st, 2018. If you need to reach members of 

Staff or Faculty, please call and leave a voicemail or

email us at chioffice(at)


Happy Holidays

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