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The Chaplaincy Institute: Pioneering Interfaith Ministry

By Rev. Dr. John Mabry, ChI Director and Core Faculty 

John Mabry"Andrea paused at the doorway to the hospital room to gather her thoughts. Her last patient had been a Sunni Muslim grandmother who was scared of what her tests might say. This next patient is an atheist who may or may not want to talk to her. After that, she has a Jewish person, and a Seventh Day Adventist. While that kind of rapid-paced paradigm-shifting might cause vertigo in some chaplains, it’s all par for the course for Andrea and others who were trained at The Chaplaincy Institute."

Excerpt from an article recently published in The Interfaith Observer. 

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Former ChI Core Faculty Member To Be Honored by Pacific School of Religion this weekend

St OngePatricia St. Onge, M.Div., will be honored as a Distinguished Alumni/ae by the Pacific School of Religion this Saturday (March 18th), for her work with nonprofit leaders, their boards and community. She focuses on helping them to deepen their cultural competency skills resulting in a more inclusive, connected and effective organization. Of Haudenosaunee (Mohawk) and Quebecoise descent, Patricia will be an instructor for ChI's new Eco-Ministry for Life on Earth course next month. She is scheduled to open the course with a 'Seven Generations' perspective, which honors and is mindful of the generations that came before us and those to come, and which recognizes that the decisions we are making now will impact the next seven generations.

Patricia is Founder and Partner of Seven Generations Consulting and Coaching, which provides training, consulting, and technical assistance in the areas of community organizing, social justice advocacy, organizational development, cross-cultural effectiveness, consensus building, and spiritual & personal coaching. Patricia this year resigned from her role as Core Faculty member at ChI, teaching Community Ministry and Social Transformation in the Interfaith Studies Certificate Program, in lieu of leading ChI in some deep culture work. A 1995 graduate of PSR,  Patricia most recently has been active in the solidarity movement with the water and land protectors at Standing Rock.

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Community Spotlight

The Importance of Interfaith Ministry

Kathie McCutcheon"Interfaith ministers are uniquely equipped to minister to people from all faith traditions, spiritual or secular paths," says ChI ordained clergy, Rev. Kathie McCutcheon. “They are respectful and curious about each person’s unique spiritual experience and religious understanding.”

While this might not be news to those of us at ChI, Kathie's Sanctuary: Interfaith Spiritual Care ministry was recently featured in The News &  Observer, Raleigh, North Carolina's regional newspapers. 

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Visit Kathie's website

Meet April Bolin

Modern Day Prophet and Social Justice Minister

April Bolin 2Rev. April Bolin describes herself as blunt. She speaks truth to people in a way that may be considered blunt by some, but may be also viewed as speaking truth in the prophetic voice to a country going through a great deal of change. "I am one of the local Reverends that opens the doors, so people can have a sanctuary to process what is weighing heavy on their hearts." 

As a licensed clinical social worker, April says she has increasingly seen her focus become one of social justice and of healing racial tensions that have resulted from 500 years of injustice and oppression that is the history and heritage of the USA.

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Visit April's website

Are you called to Interfaith ministry and chaplaincy but unsure how to fulfill your calling? Take a look at the Types of Interfaith Ministries page of the ChI website. There we list the many ways there are to be of Interfaith service and how training at ChI can manifest in the world. If you are a ChI graduate who is providing unique spiritual care in your community please share your story with us and help others heed the call to Interfaith service.

2017 Eco-Ministry for Life on Earth: Apply Now

Course Schedule is April 25 - April 29, 2017
Download the Application

Eco Ministry In this module students will get to practice "other ways of knowing" by looking to the teachings of plants, animals and all forms of life. They will be guided through explorations of the impact upon the Earth of lifestyle choices, systems change and social transformations, and will grieve, ritualize and make space for the Earth liturgy that wants to be born in us and shared.

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►More info: Contact Mary Hicken, Admissions Manager, 510-631-3066 or mary@chaplaincyinstitute

2017-18 Interfaith Spiritual Direction Certificate Program: Apply Now!

Application deadline is  July 31st.
Course Schedule is August 2017 - March 2018
Download the Application

This program is designed for those who feel called to a private practice in personal, one-on-one spiritual direction, and who anticipate working with clients from a variety of faith traditions. It is also well-suited for those who intend to do group spiritual direction, and for those of other helping professions who want to add a spiritual guidance perspective to their current work (such as psychotherapists, social workers, health practitioners, ministers and chaplains). Upon successful completion of the program, participants are qualified to provide spiritual direction in the context of their choosing.

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►More info: Mary Hicken, Admissions Manager,  510-631-3066 or mary(at)



Mystical Judaism Themed Module
April 19-23, 2017

jungkabbalahtreeThis module will focus on Jewish Mysticism. Led by experts in their fields, participants will learn more about the Kabbalah and Judaism in Daily Life. Students will experience the spiritual teachings of mystical Judaism by way of a "walk" through a life-size Kabbalistic Tree of Life and by using the tools of Jacob's Ladder, an extended diagram of the Tree of Life. This module also explores family genograms and a grief ritual. Students also will focus on addiction and spirituality, guided imagery and using creativity as a language of communication.

Visit This (or another) ChI Module

If you are interested in learning more about our seminary programs and potentially becoming a student, we invite you to visit the first day of this Interfaith Studies Certificate Program module as our guest. 

► To schedule a visit, contact Mary Hicken, Admissions Manager, at 510-631-3066 or mary@chaplaincyinstitute.



ChI Events

Interfaith Ministry & Chaplaincy: An Introduction

Feeling called to serve and grow as a spiritual leader, chaplain or Interfaith minister but unsure of your next steps? We can help! Attend this two-hour session and learn how.

When: 10:30am-12:30pm, this Saturday (March 18, 2017)
Where: ChI Office, 1400 Shattuck Ave. Suite 14, Berkeley, California.

More Info
►RSVP to Mary Hicken at mary@chaplaincyinstitute. or 510-631-3066
Please note: Interest is high and space is limited, so RSVP ASAP


You are Invited: Spring 2017 Ordination Ceremony and Celebration this Saturday

 2014 Ordination The following six Interfaith Studies Certificate Program students will graduate and be ordained at ChI's Spring Ordination Ceremony and Celebration this Saturday (March 18th):  
  • Cynthia Davis 
  • Louise DiMattio
  • Elizabeth Grainger
  • Kat Kowalski
  • Tina Perricone
  • Ann Wizer

We also will be recognizing Robert Drake, who recently completed the requirements to transfer his ministerial standing to The ChI Interfaith Community, as well as Shannon Pace, who has completed ChI's Interfaith Spiritual Direction Certificate Program.

The event will be held at Christ Church, 2138 Cedar Street, Berkeley, California. Doors open at 2pm. The ceremony begins at 2:30pm. A reception with light refreshments will follow. Street parking only, so plan to arrive early.

More info
Make a gift in honor of an ordinand
Like Us on Facebook to view live streaming of the ceremony


Interfaith Labyrinth Walk

labryinthThis is a contemplative service, with few words spoken, and lots of freedom as we invite people to pray, sing, meditate, or walk the labyrinth.

When:  6:00pm - 7:00pm., Friday, March 31, 2017
Where:  Christ Church, 2138 Cedar Street, Berkeley, California 

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Other Events

Help Promote ChI: Attend One of These Upcoming Events

Donate to ChI today and help us have a presence at the following conferences. Your donation will help us pay for a booth, flyers and other participant materials.

Donate Now!

If you plan to attend any of these events and are willing to help man/woman a ChI booth, or if you have an event you would like us to publicize, please contact Communications Manager, Shawn Masten at shawn(at)

Thank you!

SDI conferenceSpiritual Directors International Conference

Seeking Connection
April 20-28, 2017

Toronto, Canada

Fragmentation characterizes much of our global experience. Political and religious ideologies divide. Separation from nature threatens human survival on our planet. Lack of a spiritual center leaves many living a divided existence. During the 2017 Seeking Connection events, we will acknowledge the powerful healing potential of recognizing and celebrating our interdependence with community, creation, and Spirit. Together, we will explore ways in which spiritual direction supports the formation of these healing and transforming connections.

More info

acpe logAssociation of Pastoral Clinical Education Conference

What We Need is Here
May 3-6, 2017

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Parker Palmer and Carrie Newcomer will join together in a special performance and presentation as keynote speakers. The Rev. Dr. Gregory Ellison and Matthew Sanford will also offer presentations on moving together, moving ahead.

More info

Embrace Festival 1Embrace Festival

Sacred Community and Social Transformation
May 4-6, 2017
Portland, Oregon

This three day, international, sacred community and social transformation event is not an academic conference, but rather a fun celebration, with an emphasis on music, art, ceremony, learning, networking, and community. Participants will be exposed to new music, new liturgies, and new ideas that inspire hopefulness about the future. Presenters will include ChI Seminary Dean, Rev. Lauren Van Ham, M.A., who will discuss Eco-Ministry, one of ChI's newest offerings, and ChI ordained clergy, John Robinson, Ph.D., D.Min. who will discuss Conscious Aging. Deshna Ubeda, ChI student and Associate Director of, is an  event producer. She offers ChI community members and students a 15% discount off the admission's price. Get discount code. 

More info

2017 APC Annual ConferenceAssociation of Professional Chaplains Annual Conference

The Powerful Voice of Chaplaincy
June 22-25, 2017

Houston, Texas

The conference goals are: Empowering Leadership—where can we hone our voice of influence; Championing Diversity—where can we assert our roles as cultural experts; and, Claiming our Story—where can we seek to unite our distinct contributions. The conference features a number of educational sessions that explore cutting edge research and technology as it relates to chaplaincy, and many opportunities for participants to collaborate and share best practices with fellow chaplains from the United States and abroad. Registration ends March 31st.

More info

NAIN HarmonyNorth America Interfaith Network Conference

August 6-10, 2017

San Diego, California

NAIN's annual 4-day conference this year will feature a Bridge for Peace Ceremony, City Proclamations for Interfaith Awareness Week, and an interfaith choir and serenading by Karl Anthony to name a few highlights. Keynote speakers include author Azim KhamisaMonsignor Dennis MikulanisImam Taha Hassane and a surprise guest. More than 12 workshops will complement tours of local religious sites and historic Old Town San Diego.

NAIN is offering a Young Adult Scholarship, open to anyone between the ages of 18 and 35 who is currently involved in some form of interfaith or other social justice work. Scholarship recipients receive a $500 stipend to attend the conference. Application deadline is April 5th

More info
Scholarship application

Support ChI

"Why I Support ChI and So Should You"

 Bill Sewall video In this video, Chaplain Bill Sewall, describes his calling to donate to ChI. “I believe strongly in the need to spread the message of interfaith religion as a healing force in the world,” says Bill, “and ChI addresses this critical need and acts as a major transformative voice in interfaith. It’s mission must continue.” As Bill explains, “ChI is dependent on donations to operate. Tuitions alone are not sufficient to cover the costs of running the institution. Why do I give to ChI? It’s simple. To help ChI to do its vital work”, he said.

Bill's Call to Action: “I would like you to join me in donating to ChI and, if you are currently donating, to consider increasing your contribution. Thank you, thank you so much,” Chaplain Bill Sewall. Donors like Bill are much needed and greatly appreciated. Please join him and others in supporting ChI. All donations — whether one time or recurring — are appreciated!

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volunteerDue to the very limited resource of having only a part time staff at ChI, we rely heavily on volunteers to bring their skills and talents to ChI to assist with various operations. If you have time to dedicate to ChI, we would love to have you. Click on the link below for a list of opportunities.

Volunteer with The Chaplaincy Institute

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The Chaplaincy Institute's mission is to educate and empower people for new models of Interfaith service and spiritual care to heal and transform our world. 

The Chaplaincy Institute is a nonprofit organization. 
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