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   This year has been an uncharacteristically challenging one. It has left us taxed, fearful, optimistic, enraged, energized and quite often, stunned. Yet, despite the challenges, the tragedies, the feelings of hopelessness, we continue to hold those personally affected in our hearts. We send gratitude to our family of spiritual care providers as they offer their services in compassion to those in need every single day.  Following horrific events, we not only see the pain and suffering, but we are inspired by the life, resilience, and the hope that emerges through the giving hearts of others.  These deep human connections are a testament to our spirits and our true nature. As ChI works to plant more seeds for the deep bond we feel for each other and our planet, partner with us to continue funding programs that equip those called to spiritual service with the tools they need to connect and tend to those in need.


   Our appeal for support will be arriving later this week, and we are so grateful that every dollar gifted will be matched up to five thousand, thanks to a generous donor.  This could be a partnership in generosity that will benefit us all; help us all, and make your gift go farther.  So in light of what is currently transpiring around us, and the desperate need for spiritual care in these times, we ask you to consider what your year-end gift will mean to those we serve, as we move forward to realize our vision for: A just world that honors the sacred connection of all. Please support the good work of ChI today with your donation.


- ChI

let's plant more seeds, together.

Rev. Elizabeth Hutchins and Rev. Pat Kleinberg  work alongside the Salvation Army providing spiritual care for those affected by the NorCal fires at Coffey Park in Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa fires first response Chaplains offer comfort and spiritual solace to those affected by the wildfires.

Community Minister Jessica Shine preaches at  Northbrae Community Church honoring those who have passed on during their annual Dia de Los Muertos celebration and observation.

This Dia de Los Muertos alter built by Rev. Margaret Northall in the Chapel at San Francisco General Hospital is Dedicated to all those whom died in the North Bay Fires.

This Month at ChI

Hinduism & Sikhism Themed Intensive

November 15th - 19th, 2017

This module focuses on the traditions of Hinduism, including Sikhism. In addition to the big picture view of Hindu and Sikh traditions and beliefs, there will be a deep dive into the sacred texts, exploring how to effectively read them.

Special Evening Event: Kirtan with Prajna Vieira and Ramana Erickson from the Mukti Ensemble

Saturday, November 18th, 2017
6:00 to 8:00 PM

Christ Church Sanctuary
2138 Cedar St, Berkeley, CA 94709

Join us for an evening of Bhakti Yoga, in chant and devotional practice. Come ready for a beautiful heart-expanding experience connecting to community. All are welcome, so bring your friends!

2018 ChI Classes

Catholic & Orthodox Christianity Themed Intensive

January 17-21, 2018

In this module we explore Christianity through the lens of Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity. In addition to introductory classes on Catholicism, students will explore the teachings of the women Christian mystics, the sacrament of communion, and the sacred scriptures of Christianity. 

Eco-Ministry Intensive

Two Modules
February 14 - 19, 2018 and
​May 29 - June 1, 2018

This intensive will look at the important intersection of ecology, spirituality, and social systems. Together, we will bravely consider the “inconvenient"; we will explore ways to re-member ourselves to the New and the Ancient; we will share ideas and resources about the tools that already exist, as well as the new practices inviting our participation as a species.


With the understanding that these themes live inter-dependently within us, and within our cultures, what might we learn about personal and social transformation?

Science and Spirit: A Journey through Inquiry, the Cosmos and our Belonging to the Universe Intensive

February 21 - 23, 2018

This intensive will focus on science itself as a source for wonder, contemplation and transformative meaning. Challenging the stereotypes that paint spirituality and science as incompatible, we will travel between first-person experiences, depictions of the Cosmos, and key developing areas of science.

Emerging Communities of Spirit: The Spiritual but Not Religious Intensive

February 19 - 20, 2018

The number of adults in the US who say they are spiritual, but not religious, has grown rapidly in recent years, up to 27% in 2017.*


Who are the people who make up this group? Why are their numbers growing? What does their spirituality look like? What are their particular challenges, gifts or strengths? What is the nature of the spiritual care needed for those that identify as SBNR?


Bringing our knowledge and experience together for two full days, we seek to deepen our understanding of those with this spiritual identity. We will explore different forms of ministry that may serve the SBNR and we will consider where SBNR interfaces with social justice, science, and the personal growth movement. Collectively, we will look at where SBNR community is found, or emerging, and envision ways to nurture this part of our communal spiritual landscape.

Community Spotlight

"The experience of making my own Spirit Boat was transformative as it gave way to creating a vehicle of honoring grieving in my life."

- Rev. Margaret Northall pictured with Rev. Sharon Campton and ChI's Vicki Weiland

Discover how Rev. Jennifer Ewing is changing lives with the power of creating Spirit Boats.

Chi Alum,

John Robinson pens a thoughtful article for Progressive Christianity asking, "What Will I Give Back? How to Discover What Your Soul Still Longs to Do."


Click below to read the full article.

ChI has officially launched satellite groups in LA, Arizona, Marin, and South Eastern Contra Costa! Above, Rev. Jen Miller hosts an East Bay tea and self-care collage party!


Keep in touch with community happenings by following our Facebook page.



ChI has a goal to increase funding from foundations. We need additional resources to help generate written letters of intent and grant proposals. If you love to write, we would be grateful for your willingness to volunteer from home. Those interested please reach out to Corinne(at)


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