The Chaplaincy Institute Interfaith Community Ordains New Cohort of Interfaith Ministers

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Berkeley, California - September 10, 2013 - The Chaplaincy Institute, An Interfaith Seminary and Community, will ordain and celebrate seven new members as Interfaith Ministers in a sacred ceremony to be held 2pm on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at All Souls Episcopal Church in Berkeley, California.


This is the twenty-fifth cohort and ordination of The Chaplaincy Institute (ChI) Interfaith Community since it’s founding in 1999.  The ordinands will go on to practice their respective ministries in a variety of settings along the West Coast; from Washington State to a half a dozen communities within California, and also in the state of Montana.


“As Interfaith Ministers, the graduates aspire to provide compassionate, respectful spiritual care to people of all faiths and people of no faith.  They seek to honor both the diversity and the unity of all beings, cultures and faith traditions”, commented Rev. Jim Larkin, Director of the Community.


Rev. Jurgen Schwing, Director of Spiritual Care at ChI, as well as at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center states, “Interfaith ministry is not about imposing a particular set of beliefs or dogmas, but about tending and fanning the mystical fire that already burns at the core of each person. Our task…is to help the other person access or discover their own understanding of the Divine.”


“The Chaplaincy Institute provides an expansive and embracing Interfaith context in which to fulfill a calling to spiritual service.  Students are encouraged to find their unique ways to communicate with the Divine in all aspects of life”, said Rev. Larkin.


For information more about ChI’s programs to prepare people for Interfaith ministry, chaplaincy, spiritual direction or community service and leadership please go to


To attend the Ordination Ceremony and Celebration, please contact: chioffice(at) or call 510-843-1422



Vanessa Gomez-Brake

Director of Operations & Outreach

The Chaplaincy Institute


or chioffice(at)



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