"This is the Year" Chi's January 2018 Newsletter


This is the year...

Are you feeling called to serve humanity but unsure of what that means?

What are you feeling drawn to tend in your life?
How might ChI support you in this journey?

This is your year. As you contemplate what this year may hold for you, we invite you to explore the path of interfaith chaplaincy and spiritual direction. This is a life of service to our neighbors and our planet through the heartbeat of our own sacred connection. You are needed. So listen. Carefully. Follow where Spirit is calling...

We'd love to journey with you in this new year. Your year.


Interfaith Studies for Ministry and Chaplaincy: Students gain a broad understanding of world faiths while deepening their relationship to their own spiritual traditions. We learn through class instruction, group interactions, theological study, spiritual care skills, spiritual leadership, and practical field experience. Save money, apply by January 31.


Interfaith Spiritual Direction: For those called to a private practice in one-on-one or group spiritual direction, and who anticipate working with clients from a variety of faith traditions. The program is also suited to other helping professionals who want to add a spiritual guidance perspective to their current work (such as psychotherapists, health practitioners, ministers, and chaplains). Please notice NEW 2018/19 dates for the upcoming cohort to begin in June 2018. Applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Space is limited to 20 students, so apply now.

Learn More:

Introductory Event, March 24, 2018 – 2:30 pm

Berkeley, CA

Or contact Admissions(at)chaplaincyinstitute.org / 510.631.3066


Earth Based Traditions 
February 14 - 18, 2018

Ever wonder what Wicca, Pagan, or Indigenous teachings are all about? This module offers a general introduction to earth-based traditions, as well as Eco-Spirituality.


Notice NEW REDUCED PRICING and ChI alumni discounts for:



February 14 - 18, 2018


May 29 - June 2, 2018

This intensive seeks to equip individuals for the furthering of innovative, life-sustaining and healing practices for Earth and the lifestyle systems humans use. Each day will focus on a particular theme with classroom time in the morning, and a deeper exploration of this theme in the afternoon in small group work and/or field excursions. In addition to presentations with subject-area experts, this Intensive takes us outdoors to learn with Earth, and to local venues where new and ancient practices are showing us the way forward. Art and Ritual are part of the daily experience, honoring our need for expression and integration at every level.

Creating Communities of Spirit: The Spiritual But Not Religious

February 19 - 20, 2018

Bringing our knowledge and experience together for two full days, we deepen our understanding of this spiritual identity. Explore various forms of ministry that may serve the SBNR, and consider where SBNR interfaces with social justice, science, and the personal growth movement. Where is community found or emerging, and how do we nurture this part of our communal spiritual landscape?

Connecting Science and Spirit

February 21 - 23, 2018

This intensive focuses on science itself as a source for wonder, contemplation and transformative meaning. Challenging the stereotypes that paint spirituality and science as incompatible, we will travel between first-person experiences, depictions of the Cosmos, and key developing areas of science.


the light and loving impact of many...

It is with a heavy heart that we share this news with you.


Recently we learned of the deaths of Reverend Dr. Jeremy Taylor, his wife Kathryn Taylor. Both, were important members of our ChI Interfaith Community and family. Kathryn died due to illness while at home in hospice; Jeremy died due to a heart attack only two days after. There has been tremendous heartfelt outreach thus far, many seeking to help the Taylor family in many ways. If you are so moved, Tristy Taylor (daughter of Kathryn and Jeremy), asks that donations in memory of Jeremy and Kathryn Taylor be made to The Chaplaincy Institute where ChI will use the funds to underwrite costs of the Arts for Awakening thread of our seminary curriculum, a passion of Jeremy’s.  Alternatively, donations are also being encouraged and accepted by The International Association for Study of Dreams who have setup a scholarship fund in Jeremy’s name.


As we grieve these losses, let us hold close to each other and celebrate the light that is still radiating from these amazing souls.


Remembering Jeremy Taylor:  

Gina Rose Halpern

Jan. 10, 2018



Jeremy Taylor or was my teacher, my friend, and a co-founder of The Chaplaincy Institute. He gave us tools and language for “unpacking” the fine archeology, and the fine art of our dream lives. In classes and private sessions we encountered our shadows, dark and bright, we met Jung, and all the gods and goddesses of world theologies and mythologies, and all of our personal and cultural “isms”, and we “shamelessly projected,” until we each came to deeper understandings of our own truth.


On Christmas Eve 1995 while I was attending Matthew Fox’s Creation Spirituality program at Holy Names University, I had a profound dream that I brought into Jeremy’s class. “Santa Claus was dying, and he told me I ‘must accept the Santa Mantle of Spiritual leadership, to restore the gifts of Creation to the children of earth.’ ‘Too much!! Too Big’ said I, but ultimately over the next years while Jeremy and I were teaching for Matthew Fox at The University of Creation Spiritually, and completing our Doctorate of Ministry Degrees in a cohort group, we worked the dream. I was encouraged to paint the dream, the mantle was accepted and The Chaplaincy Institute was born.


The Chaplaincy Institute was built on a foundation, of Art, Dream Work, Interfaith Studies, and Service. In those early years when we held our classes in San Raphael, CHI came more fully into being as we hammered out curriculum in Jeremy and Kathy Taylor’s living room. They were co-creators of the dream, and while Kathy, was not known by many, I counted myself and the school most fortunate to have these two remarkable individuals as midwives and creative wise-beings for baby ChI.


The original painting of that Christmas Dream called “The Gift” hangs in the CHI office. As we accept ordination and receive our stoles, we receive our legacy to dream big and dream deep, to accept the mantle of our unique ministries, as chaplains, guides, dream-workers, artists. Jeremy encouraged us to bravely face our individual and collective shadows- the dark and the bright shadows, for our own “health and wholeness,” and the “health and wholeness of our world.”


“May the Force Be With You” Jeremy, with Gratitude and Love, “To Infinity and Beyond!!”



An informal gathering in remembrance of Rev. Dr. Jeremy Taylor will happen this Sunday, January 14 at 2:30 pm PST at Christ Church in Berkeley, CA. Please join us in-person or virtually. For more information, follow the link provided.

We also wish to express our deepest condolences at John Talyors’ passing, and immense gratitude for John's tireless and deep support of our mission at ChI. John recently celebrated with us at our Community's Ordination Ceremony with his dog, Allie.


John Taylor, Beloved Friend of CHI

“For All That Is To Come…”

Gina Rose 1/11/2018



Most of you never knew John Taylor, though many of you may have seen a tall thin man with a small dog on his lap sitting next to me in the front row, at ordination last year. If you had looked closely you might have noticed his continuous smile even while tears might be running down his cheeks as he was touched and moved by the service, and thrilled to see how the school had grown from the early days. He loved hearing stories about what our students and alumni were doing in the world- Eco-Ministry and Animal Chaplains, prisons, music and hospice, art, poetry and more...




2017 was filled with blessings and challenges for our local, national, and global communities. We remain committed to helping people realize and follow their spiritual path that leads to meaningful service by honoring the sacred connection of all.

Thank you for making this possible! Your prayers, love, and financial support of ChI’s mission culminated in almost $40,000 given in response to our annual year-end appeal! Thank you!

We also recognize the 6 new members who have joined our monthly donor group that provides ongoing funding to sustain and enrich our seminary and community.

If you have not yet made your gift, it’s not too late! With your help, we will co-create a just world that honors the sacred connection of all. Many blessings and thank you!



ChI News


ChI Board of Directors


Rev. Sharon Mooney

Former President of the Board


After serving a total of 6 years in various positions, Rev. Sharon Mooney is terming out, most recently as President of ChI's Board of Directors. Sharon contributed mightily to ChI in so many ways during her tenure on the board.  Please join us in extending our utmost gratitude for the compassionate leadership and gracious gifts of time, talent and treasury that Sharon has provided throughout the past half a dozen years at ChI. Thank you, Sharon! We are eternally grateful for all of your efforts on behalf of our seminary and community.

Chaplains Robert Drake, Lynda Carré

& Jennifer Bernstein

New President, Vice President, and Member at Large


The new year brings new leadership to ChI's Board of Directors. Rev. Robert Drake begins his term as President of ChI's Board while Rev. Lynda Carré takes on the role of Vice President.  Rev. Jennifer Bernstein serves as an At Large Member and as the liaison between the Board and the Deep Culture Team (all pictured below).


Bob, Lynda and Jen bring immense knowledge and insight to ChI's leadership team and are excited to steer us in a direction that will elevate ChI to even greater heights!


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