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Rev. Megan Wagner, Ph.D., Director Spiritual Psychology

Megan is a Therapist, Spiritual Teacher, Author, Ritual Leader and Interfaith Minister.

The Spiritual Psychology Program intensive provides students with a holistic model of psycho-spiritual development that can be used for personal growth and for work with individuals, couples, families and organizations.

In the Spiritual Psychology course we tackle the big questions of life:

Who am I? What is my purpose? How do I get there? What’s blocking me? What is my soul? What is my spirit? We also take a deep dive into exploring trauma, addictions and personal wounds from an emotional as well as a spiritual perspective.

Together we consider our complex human design as physical, emotional, spiritual and divine beings. We explore disease from this holistic, multi-dimensional perspective and discover many possible avenues of healing the human body, heart, mind and spirit.

If you are ready to learn an amazing holistic system of development and deepen your skills as a therapist or guide, then the Spiritual Psychology Course will provide a path of deep discovery. You will learn assessment tools, innovative exercises, and creative interventions to produce positive change in yourself and in the clients and students you work with.

The program is designed for therapists, health care professionals, spiritual directors, chaplains, life coaches, religious professionals, business consultants, teachers and interested students that are seeking personal and spiritual growth.

Areas of Study

Ego Development and Identity Formation

  • Overview of Spiritual Psychology Model
  • Stages of Development from 0-27
  • Defenses of the Personality
  • Healthy Ego Formation
  • Internalizing the Good Mother
  • Navigating complexes, projection, transference and shadow
  • Emotional Wounding
  • Family Systems
  • Separation and Identity Formation
  • Breaking Addictions, Mastering your Energy

Soul and Spiritual Development

  • Soul Development
  • Father / Hero Archetype
  • Self-Responsibility and Soul Healing
  • Warrior Archetype & Soul Protection
  • King Archetype & Self-Compassion
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Spiritual Practices for Healing
  • Spiritual Transformation
  • Divine Unity & Integration
  • Integrating our Tree of Life Knowledge


The training integrates wisdom from various spiritual traditions, Kabbalah with Jungian, Developmental and Archetypal Psychology, Family Systems and Psychodynamic perspectives, as well as Astrology and Alchemy.

“I so enjoyed the Spiritual Psychology Course and feel especially fortunate to have been the recipient of Megan’s knowledge. Her weaving together of Depth Psychology, Alchemy and Kabbalah is so unique and makes such perfect sense.”

Rev. Pamela Hirsch
“We dove right into the intricacies of understanding ego, soul and spiritual development. We focused on how to assess clients’ needs and nurture their growth and transformation.”
Rev. Jean Weiss
“Megan’s integrated psycho-spiritual approach gave me insights to recognize childhood situations and beliefs that I didn’t have a clue about before. She provided tools to get at the core of things and achieve deep healing both for myself and people wanting my assistance.”
Kathie McClellan