2016 Giving Circle Members


Visionary’s Circle Members


Founder’s Circle Members

Max Kagan Family Foundation and Rev. Leslie L. Kagan

Revs. Mike and Elizabeth Stamper

John R. Taylor

President’s Circle Members



Mary Lee Dodd

Timothy Geckle

Michael Haley

Patrice Kleinberg

Rev. Kathleen Koprowski

Rev. Sharon Mooney

Kara Rosseaux

William Sewall

Rev. Susan Wayne

ChI Community Circle Members


In Memory of Big Will, Jeanne, and Will

April Bolin

Maria Brittle

Kathleen Carroll

The Caye Foundation and Rev. Virginia Hubbs

Patrick Curtin, Chaplain

Jim Christiansen

Rev. Eleesabeth M. Hager

Rev. Gina Rose Halpern

Rev. Debra Hansen

Rev. Robert Hardy

Rev. Diane Hirsch

Rev. Amy Hoyt

Robert Hutchins

Rev. John R. Mabry and Dr. Lisa Fullam

Kat Kowalski & Eric Meyer

Rev. Vicki Joy McClure

David Mitchell

Juliana Perez

Rev. Jürgen and Deborah Schwing

Peggy and Leon Sharyon

Patrick Stamper

Rev. Dr. Megan Wagner and Rev. Jim Larkin

Vicki Weiland

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ChI’s Giving Circles are intended to recognize and acknowledge our donors for your contributions, as well as to show our appreciation for your generosity to ChI each year. These circles of giving and receiving allow for the energetic flow of generosity, gratitude, love and care to continue to flow between us.  We so deeply thank you for your support.

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“God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.” Hermes Trismegistus

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