Marketing, Communications and Outreach

Help spread the word and raise awareness about our programs!  

Copy Writer

• Write Profiles about Interfaith minister careers, successes, personal stories

• Create & publish Interfaith Blog

Community Outreach

• Refer ChI to your network of friends and associates

• Distribute and post brochures or other communities that might reach prospective students

• Pass out brochures at upcoming events that you may be attending

• Speak or table at upcoming events that you may be attending

Outreach to Community Partners 

• Hold individual meetings with referring colleagues; outreach event

Outreach to Alumni

• Approach individually, invite to participate in speakers bureau, intro course, outreach events

• Invite to write autobiography or blog about their work

• Coordinate directories of graduates on the website


• Include a link on your website (if self-employed)

Public/Media Relations

Media Relations - looking for someone with media and public relation’s experience and contacts to help raise awareness of our seminary’s programs for prospective students.  Candidate will help tell our story and gain exposure in traditional and onlinemedia outlets both locally and nationally.  Must have experience managing on-line social media and writing Press Releases and Feature Stories for national distribution.

Speakers Bureau

• Establish Speakers Bureau = recruit & train Alumni, faculty & staff; establish Topics Menu

Please contact chioffice(at)  if you’d like to help.

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