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Our Seminary and Community are infused with a spirit of harmonious living among peoples and respect for the diversity of all creation. Since 1999, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing new models of spiritual leadership and creative ministry to promote religious peace and understanding.  

We are a religious non-profit organization, founded by clergy with a shared vision of bridging the religious schisms that divide our world.  In building these bridges, we begin to heal ourselves, each another, and this beautiful planet we call home.

Mission and Values


A Vision of peace between all religions & spiritualties

The term Interfaith refers to personal beliefs and interpersonal activities that often involve understanding and appreciation of different religions rather than synthesizing new beliefs.

At ChI, Interfaith is a vision and theology that embraces the universal truths in the world's spiritual traditions and honors the beautiful diversity in human experience, along with our essential unity.  It acknowledges the dignity and unique spiritual path of each individual as an intrinsic human right.  By honoring the diversity in creation and human experience, along with our essential unity, Interfaith practitioners affirm the Divine that is too big to be contained solely within any one religion, word, or context.


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Empowering people for Interfaith service & leadership

We offer two education programs for those with a unique calling to spiritual service:

* Interfaith Studies, leading to ordination as an Interfaith minister and chaplain.

* Interfaith Spiritual Direction, leading to certification as an Interfaith Spiritual Director.

These programs respond to society’s need for faith, peace, and understanding that are needed across religious divides. Through study, reflection, writing, and engaging with others, students gain a broad understanding of the world’s religions, while simultaneously deepening in their own spiritual traditions.   Creative approaches are emphasized, along with counseling skills such as deep listening, presence, and compassion.


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Interfaith spirituality, ministry, worship, and vision.

The ChI Interfaith Community is comprised of alumni, students, and like-hearted people from around the world.  We welcome people of all spiritual paths – from orthodox to eclectic – as well as people of no faith, as a means to foster world peace.

Together, we celebrate and nurture the spiritual journeys of individuals from a wide array of backgrounds, who together form a diverse, inclusive, vibrant community.

The ChI Interfaith Community also supports the ongoing professional wellbeing of our Interfaith Ministers and Spiritual Directors, who provide compassionate, respectful spiritual care to people of all faiths, as well as people of no faith.  

Our community is sustained by the support of our alumni, donors, and volunteers.  We hope you will join us!   


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Whether you seek to learn more about Interfaith ordination and traditional work as a chaplain, to explore or better understand your own evolving spiritual path, or to inquire and discover new ways of offering spiritual leadership, social change and creative ministry in the world, We Welcome You!

"The Interfaith Idea: Crafting a Personal Spirituality" - Rev Hollis Walker

Rev. Hollis Walker is an ordained ChI interfaith minister, spiritual director and board-certified clinical chaplain.


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