A Mystic’s Climate Prayer

by Rev. John Robinson, Ph.D., D.Min.

Divine Consciousness of Life, Earth and Cosmos, God of all names and none, holy Presence dwelling in every creature:

We come to you on our knees in guilt and shame, in sorrow and dread, to confess our horrific crimes against Creation.

Listening to the Earth’s dying cries, we acknowledge our sins of arrogance, apathy, selfishness and plunder.

Our “stewardship” of Creation has been a tragic joke.

We have completely lost our way, and we stand to lose so much more.

In failure and profound remorse, we humbly seek forgiveness and guidance.

In abject surrender, in naked helplessness, in ego-shattering fear and grief, we seek the only path home: we return to you.

We know you, Divine One. We share your Being and Consciousness.

We are you when we cease pretending to be someone else, someone separate and superior, someone in charge.

As the fires and storms of human foolishness consume our grandiosity, we ask you to receive us, Divine One; help us return to Creation.

Born of Earth, we can live nowhere else.

We are the latest blossom of your enchantingly beautiful, infinitely mysterious, love-drenched creativity – the 14-billion-year evolution of yourself – and our home is here.

Can a fish live out of water? Can a bird fly with no air?

Can humans survive the cold toxic radiation of space?

Desperate plans, false solutions, more foolishness.

But what can we do? Divine One, what do you need from us?

Even as we ask, words burst from sacred consciousness:

“Be still. Be silent. Stop talking. Turn off TV and cell phone.

Go outside. Open wide your eyes.

I shine before you as Creation: vibrant, colorful, alive; the symphony of your life and destiny.

Look intensely. Look without thought.

Open your senses: seasons of Earth, power of wind, greenness of plant, wetness of rain, warmth of sun, smell of soil, abundance of life, chatter of bird and squirrel, busyness of ant and worm, darkness of night, love-making everywhere—all rising in the holiness of Creation.

You don’t have to “figure this out,” because you ARE Creation.

Let the one you were born to be take you home.

Creation will heal you.

Then your tenderness, joy, and adoration will heal Creation.”

May the Earth bless and keep us.
May truth lead the way.
May the heart inform our journey.
May Creation bring us home.


Rev. John C. Robinson, Ph.D., D.Min. is a clinical psychologist and interfaith minister (ChI 2008). Author of nine books, he writes on the psychology and spirituality of the New Aging, e.g.: Death of the Hero, Birth of the Soul; But Where Is God: Psychotherapy and the Religious Search; and The Divine Human: The Final Transformation of Sacred Aging.

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