1601, 2022

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Today is one of the challenging moments that comes with publicly celebrating or lifting up special occasions. The world does not always cooperate. Put another way, there is a Hebrew saying that translates loosely as "Man plans and G-d laughs." I don't know if there is laughter, but our plans

301, 2022

Tribute to Rev. Andrea Goodman

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Rev. Andrea Goodman was a big part of the ChI community. An academic advisor to our students, and 2009 ChI ordinand, Andrea was co-founder and Board President of the Interfaith Peace Project with Fr. Tom Bonacci. We mourn Andrea's loss as we celebrate her life and legacy. May Andrea's loving

3112, 2021

2022 Alumni Retreat Deatails

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We are so excited about our plans for the April 2022 retreat and so glad you may want to join us! While some of the details are still being settled, below is the information we have thus far:   Dates: Monday afternoon April 4th to Thursday OR Friday noon.   Location: Villa Maria Del

3112, 2021

A Message From the Deep Culture Hive

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What is Code? by Rev. Rivka Gevurtz Some of us older folks might remember the excitement of finding the decoder ring in our box of cereal as kids.  Others might recall geeking out and learning to write code for early computer classes.  But what is ChI’s Deep Culture Hive talking

1812, 2021

Tribute to Rev. Amy Brucker

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Rev. Amy Brucker We at the Chaplaincy Institute are deeply saddened at the passing of a brilliant light. Rev. Amy Brucker was ordained by the ChI Community in 2005, and served as Co-Director, COO, and faculty. Amy will be missed by so many and we are blessed that




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