Press Release–Committing to Racial Justice at The Chaplaincy Institute, a seminary and community

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Kari Kopnick Minister of Communications 510-843-1422 Interfaith Chaplains Training for the Work of Racial Justice Berkeley, California June 3rd, 2020- Responding to the recent murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Reverend Ineda Adesanya, CEO, announced that the Chaplaincy Institute (“ChI”) is committing to training student chaplains and equipping current chaplains with

A Lesson on Being

A Lesson On Being By Rev. Sharon Mooney This launches a new series that we are calling Knowing Ourselves, Knowing Each Other. This is a place to share stories, queries and learnings of ChI clergy in their richly varied expressions of interfaith ministry and chaplaincy. Rev. Sharon Lopez Mooney: A Lesson on Being

A Mystic’s Climate Prayer

A Mystic’s Climate Prayer by Rev. John Robinson, Ph.D., D.Min. Divine Consciousness of Life, Earth and Cosmos, God of all names and none, holy Presence dwelling in every creature: We come to you on our knees in guilt and shame, in sorrow and dread, to confess our horrific crimes against Creation. Listening

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