A Message From The Deep Culture Hive | July 2022

Dearest ChI community, What a gift to come together on Thursday June 16th  for the service on Faith, Chaplaincy and Reparative Justice.  20 beautiful ChI faces- current students, alumni, staff, faculty and board members, circled on zoom finding our way together through challenging and essential work for our world. If you were not able to

The Chaplaincy Institute’s Stance on Roe vs. Wade

6/27/22   As you likely know, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a ruling that overturned the 1973 Roe vs Wade ruling protecting the privacy of all Americans and making abortion health care legal in all 50 states.   While this issue is one of the most polarizing, let us remember the words

Deep Culture Webpage is Live!

The Deep Culture Webpage is up and the Hive is excited to share this labor of love full of the history, current events, past newsletter articles and a comprehensive resource list with topics to deepen our sacred justice ministry thanks to Rika Casseres and Rivka Gevurtz! How do you get there, you ask? If you go to

Part II: Spirituality, Faith and Reparations

** If you are already meeting with others to engage in this work, let us know!  We would love to be aware of what is happening in our community, exchange resources and have a stronger network.   ** CALL IN 5 OTHERS to join you!  The more of us there are the stronger we will be

2022 Spring Alumni & Student Learning Retreat 

The Chaplaincy Institute Presents:2022 Spring Alumni & Student Learning Retreatat Villa Maria Del MarMonday, April 4 - Friday, April 8 Welcome to The Chaplaincy Institute’s first in-person Learning Retreat April 4 - 8 at the Villa Maria del Mar ocean front retreat center in Santa Cruz, California. The center sits on a cliff with

Today is one of the challenging moments that comes with publicly celebrating or lifting up special occasions. The world does not always cooperate. Put another way, there is a Hebrew saying that translates loosely as "Man plans and G-d laughs." I don't know if there is laughter, but our plans were to do a lighthearted

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