Why is it important for CHI to engage in deep culture work?

ChI’s mission invites feedback and innovation. The study of several years’ worth of collected student evaluations, as well as inviting input from the ChI Board, and receiving requests from ChI faculty created the conditions for a deep culture process to be the next step in supporting organizational growth and improvement. ChI staff and faculty have a commitment to growing in such a way that our community is preparing chaplains who can engage with changing communities in a culturally based way. This requires looking at our internal culture to examine the places where we are operating in unconsciously biased ways. An explicit examination of our mission, visions and values and theory of change can point to the places where we’re being consistent and those where we have gaps between our commitment and our practices.

In summary, Deep Culture will help ChI address how our current actions reconcile with our vision: a just world that honors the sacred connection of all. This necessity was born from all of us, the ChI Community.

Where has the work of Deep Culture taken ChI from 2017 to the current moment?

2022 Deep Culture Engagement in justice work

  • Opening Service Renewal, Spirituality, Faith, and Reparations, Feb 20th with resources.
  • Three months of affinity group meetings
  • Closing Service Chaplaincy, Faith and Reparations