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Tuesday, April 18th, 4 PM Pacific

Healing from Spiritual Wounds Join us for a conversation with Jim Larkin, M. Div.

Spiritual Wounds occur at many levels:

BODY – Do you struggle with feeling shame around your body? Do you feel guilt around your sexuality?
HEART – Do you have difficulty loving yourself? Do you find it hard to forgive yourself?
MIND – Were you scolded for asking too many questions? Did your parents or religious teachers squelch your curiosity?
WILL – Was your will broken or tamed so that you would be obedient and conform to teachings and leaders?
SOUL – Did you have to put on a FALSE SELF to fit in and belong to your faith tradition? Do you have trouble today identifying your TRUE SELF?
SPIRIT – Were you told that the only way to access spirit was through someone else (Jesus, a leader of your church, synagogue, or mosque)? Do you have difficulty accessing your own spirit?

If you relate to any of these statements, then HEALING YOUR SPIRITUAL WOUNDS is for you!!

More about Jim:

Hi, my name is Jim Larkin. I was born and raised as a Minister’s son, with a family history of Christian Minsters, Missionaries and Chaplains that go back to the Revolutionary War. When I became an ordained Minister in my 30s, I began to see how deeply I had been indoctrinated, affected, even wounded, by certain “spiritual” teachings. I resigned my ordination 4 years after being ordained.

Having been fully immersed in the faith all my life, it took a lot of soul searching to identify all the ways I had been wounded emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Whether you were born into a faith tradition or chose to join one later in life, you may have been wounded through that experience and you may still be feeling the effects of some Spiritual Wounds to your body, heart, mind, will or spirit, even after leaving that tradition.

Join us to explore facets and frontiers of spirituality through an innovative and interfaith lens with the ChI Community.

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