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 “If we are honest with ourselves and look into our heart’s deep interior, if we are honest from there then this isn’t about saving humanity this is about our courage to love as we have never loved before… Let us live now at the edge of our courage to love.”

– Skeena Rathor, Extinction Rebellion – Westminster Bridge, London 11/17/18


Western thought leaders and scientists around the world are inviting humans to live and engage with the Climate Crisis using the practices of Deep Adaptation, a collection of evolving ideas and areas of action.  UK professor, Jem Bendell, has described Deep Adaptation using 4 R’s: Resilience, Restoration, Relinquishment, and Reconciliation.

As spiritual care providers, faith leaders, eco-chaplains, and as members of the human species, the moral implications and opportunities for sacred activism and spiritual practice loom large.  In this three day course, we will explore each of the 4 Rs through the lenses of spiritual revelation, community care and social transformation.  Rituals, group discussions and guest speakers will shape our time together.


Lead Faculty:  Rev. Lauren Van Ham


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Admissions Manager admissions@chaplaincyinstitute.org or 510-843-1422