Mystical Judaism – Interfaith Studies / Intensive

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Mystical Judaism Themed Intensive

April 10-14, 2019


This month’s module will focus on Jewish Mysticism. Led by experts in their fields, participants will learn more about the Kabbalah, and Judaism in Daily Life. Students will experience the spiritual teachings of mystical Judaism in a practical way by way of a “walk” through a life-size Kabbalistic Tree of Life and by exploring the tools of Jacob’s Ladder, an extended diagram of the Tree of Life. This module also explores family genograms and a Grief Ritual.

Our modules are designed to inspire, nurture and educate those who are called to serve in an Interfaith capacity in our increasingly diverse world or for those who are interested in learning more about a specific faith tradition.Our innovative programs focus on a combination of the study of world religions, an exploration of mystical paths and teachings, and spiritual care and ministry skills…all in a creatively infused context.  You can take a single module or up to 3 modules total.

If you are interested in more, the Interfaith Studies Certificate Program prepares students for spiritual service to people of all faiths & paths.

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Cost – $1,200 due no later than the 1st day of the month of the first module — Pay Online

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Prospective students are welcome to attend a module class as a visitor to gain a first-hand experience of the program. All class visits are on Wednesday, the first day of each module, from 9am to approximately 1pm, followed by a meeting with our Dean.

Arrangements are made ahead of time by contacting: Admissions Manager or 510-631-3066