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January 28 & 29, 2023, 1.5 credit hours elective

With psychedelics and plant-based theologies rising to meet the needs of the fastest-growing
religious demographic, “Spiritual, not religious,” it is crucial that Theologians, pastoral counselors, and those of faith understand what these powerful substances can offer.

This seminar will examine historical and present-day uses of a host of substances while also looking at the broader history of “Drug use” in the United States. We will place the so-called psychedelic renaissance in the context of the War on Drugs and explore a host of specific religious traditions that use plant and animal-based altered states of consciousness in order to gain a connection with the Divine. Race, gender, and sexual identities will also be utilized as lenses to examine what might be called a War on the Ecstatic. The insights of treatment modalities from harm reduction to 12 step programs will also be considered. This course aims to introduce all participants to the world of Religion, psychedelics, and entheogens. Register today!  $340

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