Restorative Justice, Trauma, and Forgiveness

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This course is intended to familiarize students with techniques of Restorative Justice and Peace Circle processes and methods of group communication, dispute resolution for Circle process healing of trauma.  Special emphasis will be placed upon the application of restorative justice methodologies, understanding trauma within the framework of restorative principles for managing internal and interpersonal conflict, healing and promoting forgiveness.


Using the Principles, Aims and Values of Restorative Justice, we will explore, through reading, guest speakers, discussion and supervised practice, the applications of Restorative Justice to healing victims (individuals and communities) of trauma.  The class will be experiential in nature, with didactic support, and give solid practice in stewarding restorative justice circles in a variety of practice environments including school (bullying and conflict), home (abuse and loss), community (violence and tragedy), congregation, and other places where trauma experiences might experienced and addressed.


This class is practice driven with some lecture and moderate reading requirements.

Dates are Friday evenings and all day Saturday, quarterly.

  • November 30-December 1, 2018
  • March 2019
  • June 2019
  • September 2019


This course is designed to develop facility with Circle processes in the following applications:

  • Clinical conflict and family plan of care meetings
  • Victim support and trauma recovery
  • Child abuse and neglect cases
  • Sexual and other abuse trauma
  • Neighborhood and community trauma including gang violence and natural disaster
  • Interpersonal conflicts at home and in the workplace
  • School discipline, conflict and bullying
  • Family conflicts and abuse
  • Juvenile and adult sentencing or reintegration
  • Returning warriors, PTSD and moral injury


Restorative Justice, Trauma & Forgiveness, 4-part series with

  • November 30-December 1
  • March 1,2
  • June 7,8
  • September 6,7


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