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This three-day course focuses on science itself as a source of wonder, contemplation, and transformative meaning. Challenging the stereotypes that paint spirituality and science as incompatible, participants travel between first-person experiences, depictions of the Cosmos, and key developing areas of science. Explore this cutting-edge topic with subject expert Tom Rockwell.

  • Day One: rekindle the aptitude for scientific inquiry tapping into the joy of first-hand explorations of phenomena and perceptions.
  • Day Two: take a “highlights tour” of the Universe as it has been described by generations of inquirers.
  • Day Three: focus on key unsolved areas of science that offer spiritual, existential, and ethical pathways toward new meanings.

This course is open to the public. October 7-9, 9-4 pm Pacific. Register by August 20th. $510

Students are saying:
Thank you, Tom and guest Speakers. I also want to mention my appreciation for hearing Will’s journey to his current field: optics. His humility and explanations of his material were very approachable and warm.
I learned a lot, felt engaged, and creatively supported. I felt refreshed! Thank you.