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Science and Spirit: A Journey through Inquiry, the Cosmos and our Belonging to the Universe

July 26 – 28, 2018

This intensive will focus on science itself as a source for wonder, contemplation and transformative meaning. Challenging the stereotypes that paint spirituality and science as incompatible, we will travel between first-person experiences, depictions of the Cosmos, and key developing areas of science.

On day 1, we will re-kindle the aptitude we all have for scientific inquiry, tapping into the joy of first-hand explorations of phenomena and perceptions. We will play and learn about light, shadows, and vision, to re-awaken natural, “scientific” curiosity, while also touching on the contemplative, spiritual dimensions of these experiences. We will also inquire into own “inner dialogue” about ourselves as learners, building mindfulness about our personal stories in relation to science.

On day 2, we will take a “highlights tour” of the Universe as it has been collectively described by generations of inquirers. The goal will be to visit some of the amazing gems of knowledge, vision, beauty and terror to be found in the scientific “worldview”. While not trying to cover everything, we will collectively build a map of the Universe and our place within it.

On day 3, we will focus on key unsolved areas of science that offer spiritual, existential and ethical pathways towards new meanings. Key among these are inquiries into the nature and origin of life and consciousness. Side-stepping the temptation to look for a “God of the Gaps” in hidden corners of the Universe, we will instead focus on the emergence of life, mind and spirit, integrated with the material world, as a fruitful place for science and spirit to coexist.

About the Instructor:
Tom Rockwell is the director of the Exhibit and Media Studio at the Exploratorium, a museum of science, art and human perception in San Francisco. There, he works to conceive and design educational exhibits, media and museums, both at the San Francisco museum and with partner institutions worldwide. One of his greatest interests is integrating the many perspectives through which we make sense of human experience, moving between biology, psychology, other social sciences, the arts, spiritual traditions and daily experience. To this intensive, Tom brings a life-long interest in combining science and art, as well as his practice in Buddhist meditation and other faith traditions.

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