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Now Online! A Pew Research Center survey reported that the number of adults in the U.S. who say they are spiritual but not religious (SBNR), has grown rapidly in recent years, up to 27% in 2017. Who are the people who make up this group? Why are their numbers growing? What does their spirituality look like? What are their particular challenges, gifts or strengths? What is the nature of the spiritual care needed for those who identify as SBNR?  In this 2-day course elective, participants will explore different forms of ministry that may serve the SBNR.  We will consider where SBNR interfaces with social justice, science, and the personal growth movement. Collectively, we will look at where SBNR community is found, or emerging, and envision ways to nurture this part of our communal spiritual landscape.

Dates:  April 23 & 24

Lead Faculty: Rev. Katrina Leathers, MA

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