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December 1, 8, 15, and 22

How do we sustain ourselves, financially, personally and spiritually, in a life of professional spiritual service? How does the health and wholeness of my ministry contribute to my overall health and wholeness and that of the world?


This online class that includes experiential and practical study, is designed as a 4-part workshop in which as a participant, you will explore how to create and manage the business of ministry.

Viewing your ministry as a living entity, as a participant you will examine and establish your own definition of success as it pertains to the energy you devote to, and receive from your ministry.

Beginning with an examination of your relationship to – and your theology of – money, this course will explore many aspects of business management including:

  • The Vision, Mission, and Values of my Ministry (Why are you in this Business?)
  • How will I know if and when my ministry is “successful”?
  • Strategy: what makes my ministry uniquely positioned to transmit and receive blessings (a.k.a. Value)?
  • Practicalities like choosing the best business structure, book keeping rituals & practices, and technology tools that support you

The goal of this course is to help you feel more comfortable and confident in the business aspect of your ministry by providing a basic understanding of its components. Using the resources provided, you should leave this course with the tools and knowledge you need to begin planning for the financial future of your work.

For more information or to register, contact:

Admissions Manager admissions@chaplaincyinstitute.org or 510-843-1422