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Thinking Theologically: Self-paced, virtual learning opportunity. Theology literally means “words about the Divine.” In this course, students will explore the concepts that attempt to describe the Divine, as well as how we understand the universe and ourselves in relation to the Divine. Our approach to ministry is always directed by our theology. Participants will receive an interfaith orientation to theological concepts across the World Religions, to better discern, define and describe one’s own understanding of theological questions related to morality and end-of-life speculation. The course will happen through the months of June and July but on your own schedule. Content will include videos, readings, and personal writing assignments plus virtual interaction with other students, all through our online learning platform, Moodle. This class is self-paced and is available during June and July. Cost: $340

Lead Faculty: Rev. John Mabry

For more information Contact:

Admissions Manager admissions@chapliancyinstitute.org or 510-843-1422