Ministry Basics 2

May and September 2022, 1.5 credit hours In Ministry Basics 2, areas of focus in classes include: Guided Imagery and Blessings, Spiritual Assessment, Public Speaking, and The Ministry of Prayer and Presence. * There is additional online study required for completion of this course.

Open House and Info Session

ChI Open House and Info Session September 6th, at 4 PM Pacific. Register for Zoom link. We will cover: Admissions Core Curriculum Chaplaincy Program Spiritual Direction Program Ordination Can't make it? Schedule a one-on-one info session here.  

Spiritual Psychology

September 2022, 1.5 credit hours This is a 4-day course where students will integrate wisdom from various spiritual traditions: Kabbalah with Jungian; Developmental and Archetypal Psychology; Family Systems and Psychodynamic perspectives; Astrology and Alchemy. We will consider how ego development and Identity formation weaves together with soul and spiritual development. Course topics include: • Tree […]

ChI Talks

ChI Talks Topic: Befriending Death through a Home Funeral Simulation with Rev. Rebecca Senoglu. Rev. Rebecca will share a presentation on a simulated home death care activity that she has done at Befriending Death events. It includes a beautiful story of a home funeral by a woman who learned about family-directed death care by doing […]

October Open House

ChI Open House and Info Session on October 6th at 4pm PT, 5pm MT, 6pm CT, 7pm ET  on Zoom. We will cover: Admissions Core Curriculum Chaplaincy Program Spiritual Direction Program Ordination Registration Link Here

Science and Spirit

This three-day course focuses on science itself as a source of wonder, contemplation, and transformative meaning. Challenging the stereotypes that paint spirituality and science as incompatible, participants travel between first-person experiences, depictions of the Cosmos, and key developing areas of science. Explore this cutting-edge topic with subject expert Tom Rockwell. Day One: rekindle the aptitude […]

Global Spiritual Traditions 2

March and October 2022, 2 credit hours Global Spiritual Traditions 2 is the second of a 2-part series but open for stand-alone enrollment. This course introduces students to World Religions and/or spiritual paths that have their origins in the Abrahamic traditions (Judaism, Islam, Christianity). While engaging with the world's knowledge, beliefs, traditions, scriptures, and practices, […]

ChI Talks

Join Us for ChI Talks October 18th, 4 PT/5 MT/6 CT/7 ET Come explore facets and frontiers of spirituality through an innovative and interfaith lens with the ChI Community. Ministry in the Streets: Founding a Nonprofit Ministry with Rev. Ann Marie Coletta from Raising Sparks Ministry. Register here. Join us for a conversation with Raising […]

Theological Literacy

May and October 2022, 1.5 credit hours Theology literally means “words about the Divine.” In Theological Literacy, students will explore the concepts that attempt to describe the Divine, as well as how we understand the universe and ourselves in relation to the Divine. Our approach to ministry is always directed by our theology. In this […]

Open House and Info Session

Join Us! ChI Open House and Info Session November 1st, 4pm. Are you yearning to become a minister? A chaplain? A spiritual companion? Join us to find out how! You'll learn about Admissions Core Curriculum Chaplaincy Program Spiritual Direction Program Ordination Register here Can't make it? Schedule a one-on-one info session here.