ChI Culture and Foundations

April 14 - 16, 2023 1.5 credit hours $510 This course introduces students to The Chaplaincy Institute’s core philosophy and foundation for spiritual care and ministry. A range of teachers will present and discuss perspectives such as: ecospirituality; culturally inclusive spiritual spaces; the interfaith path of ministry; spirituality beyond religion; and spiritual care as if


Spiritual Care Concerns

Spiritual Care Concerns June 2 – 4 or November 10 – 12, 2023, 2 credit hours In this Ministry Basics course, areas of focus include Spiritual Care and Addiction, Ministry with the Ill and Dying; The Five Generations; Faith Styles and Stages of Faith; Grief and Loss; Depression, Suicide and Dark Night of the Soul;


Eco-Ministry June 9 - 11, 2023, 1.5 credit hours elective $510 Bringing curiosity to our deepest ways of knowing, courageously questioning our lifestyle choices, and prophetically imagining a regenerative future is what we call Eco-Ministry. In this course, participants learn ancient and innovative, life-affirming and healing practices for Earth and the systems on which humans

Leadership and Ministry

Leadership ministry's areas of focus in classes include: Spiritual Leadership and the Tao; Spiritual Care and Prayer; Ministerial Boundaries; Introduction to Ethics for Chaplains; Spiritual Interventions; Ritual-making; and Public Speaking Some required courses, plus retreats, in the Interfaith Chaplaincy Program, are only open to students accepted and enrolled in the Spiritual Direction or the Chaplaincy