Global Spiritual Traditions II

Global Spiritual Traditions II October 6 - 8, 2023, 2 credit hours, $700 Global Spiritual Traditions II is the second of a 2-part series, but also open for stand-alone enrollment. This course introduces students to World Religions and/or spiritual paths that have their origins in the Abrahamic traditions (Judaism, Islam, Christianity). While studying the world’s


Healthcare Chaplaincy

1.5 Credit Hours, Enrolled Students In this 3 day course, seminarians called to professional chaplaincy in a healthcare setting (hospital, hospice, rehabilitation/skilled nursing facility) will receive instruction on how to provide interfaith spiritual care relevant and unique to each Faith Tradition. Aware of the specific realities of providing care in Western and alternative medical settings,

Online Learning Retreat

For students enrolled in the Chaplaincy Program, attendance at two retreats is required, near the start and then the middle of the course of study. One of the two retreats may be done online in the fall but spring retreats will be held on site. In both cases, required programming will fill the days throughout


Spiritual Care Concerns

Spiritual Care Concerns June 2 – 4 or November 10 – 12, 2023, 2 credit hours In this Ministry Basics course, areas of focus include Spiritual Care and Addiction, Ministry with the Ill and Dying; The Five Generations; Faith Styles and Stages of Faith; Grief and Loss; Depression, Suicide and Dark Night of the Soul;

ChI Talks

“ChI Talks” is a monthly event exploring facets of spirituality through an interfaith lens with the ChI Community. This month we are featuring... Trauma Chaplaincy Today. Chaplaincy is not just what happens between four walls any longer.  Trauma can happen any time, any place in our lives.  Helping victims of this trauma where they are