Residential Learning Retreat

For students enrolled in the Chaplaincy Program, attendance at two retreats is required, near the start and then the middle of the course of study. One of the two retreats may be done online in the fall but spring retreats will be held on site. In both cases, required programming will fill the days throughout

Psychedelics, Entheogens, and Spiritual Care

With psychedelics and plant-based theologies rising to meet the needs of the fastest-growing religious demographic, “Spiritual, not religious,” it is crucial that Theologians, pastoral counselors, and those of faith understand what these powerful substances can offer. This seminar will examine historical and present-day uses of a host of substances while also looking at the broader

Info Session! Sacred Justice Ministry Program

Info Session! Sacred Justice Ministry Certificate Tuesday May 21st, 4 PT Learn more about the new Sacred Justice Ministry Certificate Program. This certificate equips you to serve the homeless, incarcerated, lgbtq+ , refugees or the planet itself. Get the tools to work at the intersection of social justice and interfaith community ministry. Learn more here.


Bringing curiosity to our deepest ways of knowing, courageously questioning our lifestyle choices, and prophetically imagining a regenerative future is what we call Eco-Ministry. In this course, participants learn ancient and innovative, life-affirming and healing practices for Earth and the systems on which humans depend. In addition to presentations with subject-area experts, this elective takes

Spiritual Care Concerns

In this Ministry Basics course, areas of focus include Spiritual Care and Addiction, Ministry with the Ill and Dying; The Five Generations; Faith Styles and Stages of Faith; Grief and Loss; Depression, Suicide and Dark Night of the Soul; and Spirituality and Aging. Some required courses, plus retreats, in the Interfaith Chaplaincy Program, are only