November 2022 Ordinands

Amy Allen
Amy AllenOrdinand November 2022
Amy has always been spiritually curious, often drawn to deeper meanings and ritual. Introduced to the Twelve Steps at the tender age of 11, her spiritual formation and development occurred in the rooms of several Twelve Step programs throughout her life. Amy discovered spiritual connection outside of religion, present in community support, nature, science, and art. She is empowered by the feminine faces of the Divine in all traditions, heals and is healed by creative processes in many forms, and is in awe
of the beauty and perfection found in nature. Amy shows up as a Spiritual But Not Religious Chaplain by employing the principles of the Twelve Steps and techniques of spiritual psychology like active listening and radical acceptance. Her ordination as a ChI Chaplain affirms her natural gifts of creativity, deep listening, and diplomatic leadership. Ultimately, Amy is dedicated to love.
Carol Dolezal
Carol DolezalOrdinand November 2022
Carol Dolezal

From my earliest years, I questioned faith and beliefs and what happens beyond this life. I was nurtured with my Presbyterian faith AND, ultimately realized my questions went beyond one belief system. ChI, resonated with me; with its embrace of a deep dive into a multitude of beliefs, and an opportunity to understand my near-death experience and its imprint upon my journey.
My life, work, and global travels have allowed me to meet people with just about every belief. I have the gift of being drawn to situations most find uncomfortable, and spent a decade as a hospice chaplain, which reaffirmed my belief that we all reach the same mystery beyond this life, just through different, mostly broken, paths. As a child of the Divine, I celebrate the perfectly imperfect.
Each and every soul I have met has helped shape who I am. I’m especially grateful to my children; Grace and Jeremy, my “Prophets from the Minivan” who continue to teach and inspire me.

Wren Ganin-Pinto
Wren Ganin-PintoOrdinand November 2022
Wren Ganin-Pinto

Wren Ganin-Pinto is a queer Jewitch animist who is called to co-create life and death in ways that embody their values of radical belonging, dignity, care and joy. Song is their gift, and healing is their guide. Their partner Grey and family is their pride. Relationships are everything. They are grateful to be able to cross this threshold and surrender to the path of truth and justice with all their heart and soul.

Will Green
Will GreenOrdinand November 2022
In retrospect, the divine, the knowing has always been with me. It has challenged me over and over, and I have wrestled with spirit regarding my destiny. Ultimately, spirit won and so here I am, about to be ordained. Through this process, I journeyed through many belief systems, traveling the world in search of enlightenment and truth.

Unlike many people who come to ChI knowing in advance that this is the road that they needed to travel, I was not sure. When it began, I viewed ChI as my next great adventure, unsure if I would get past the first class, daunted by the amount of work necessary to complete the program. But as each class unfolded, new epiphanies started to transform my life. My enthusiasm that “I can really do this!” became my guiding light. How better to live one’s life but as one of service to those in need?

Alli Harbertson
Alli HarbertsonOrdinand November 2022
I have always liked tending things: children, gardens, dreams, words, souls. I identify as a cosmic mama and Spirit tender. Nearly a decade ago, I followed Spirit’s breadcrumbs and my heart’s longing and went on a vision fast to uncover my spiritual identity. While I was alone in the wilds, my vision came and the call I heard was that I am a spiritual messenger, one who can bring knowledge of Spirit and its many tools to my people. At the time I didn’t see this as a call to ministry. But discovering chaplaincy and the teachings and community here at ChI, has been seminal in deepening my understanding of the richness of our shared human spiritual heritage and what it means to minister to our ailing world. I am called to give new names to the Mystery, to create offerings that tie a little slip of thread around our collective fingertips to help remind us of our own sacredness and the sacredness of our living world. Through my ministry, I hope to tend the flames of a spirituality that craves beauty, oneness, planetary responsibility, and restores loving connection to self, land, and community. I give a deep bow of thanks to my parents, my sister, my partner, my children, and the many friends and teachers who have helped me on my path and loved me into being.
Marian Meadows
Marian MeadowsOrdinand November 2022
I am deeply honored to be at the threshold of Ordination today with this beautiful ChI Community. My early calling (whispered mostly) was to make something sacred out of the mundane moments of every day life. I have been given many ideas on sanctity by earth’s most gifted prophets – children – and thus have co-created spaces for growth, joy and connection on my journey. With guidance from many mentors and a long line of divinely inspired ancestors, I have deepened my soul’s listening skills as a social worker, mother, daughter, sister, niece, partner, and now Interfaith Chaplain. Fertilized by the dark nights and the quiet of meditation, the whisper has become clear, loving and insistent – to embody what I have always heard but not had the confidence to announce: I am called.

November 2022 Spiritual Directors

Rev. Sara Lewis
Rev. Sara LewisSpiritual Director November 2022
Sara Lewis is deeply grateful for the learning and deepening she has received from the Spiritual Direction program, and for the support and modeling of her supervisor, Scott Quinn. Sara is also ordained from ChI, and serves as a Unitarian Universalist religious educator. Through her ministry, service, and spiritual direction work she hopes to support a path toward a world of greater wholeness, healing, and authenticity, particularly as we face the challenges of our day such as climate change and ongoing systems of oppression and exploitation. Sara lives in the beautiful Pacific NW, with her partner, young adult children, and many animals.
Rev. Tessie Mandeville, MDiv, BCC
Rev. Tessie Mandeville, MDiv, BCCSpiritual Director November 2022
I came into this world with a deep love of the God of My Understanding and bursting forth with an adventurous spirit that longed to be in Nature and connected to everything and everyone around me. I am still a lover of God and Nature and am so lucky and blessed to live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Bellingham, WA, where I enjoy such wild communion in the forests. I am excited to move into this next adventure of my life as an Interfaith Spiritual Director/Companion where I cannot help but bring to bear my professional experiences as a counselor, congregational minister, and hospital chaplain. What synthesis this will be! I offer thanks to all my ChI teachers and classmates who accompanied me on this journey and heartily say to you all: May the forest be with you.
Teresa McGuiness
Teresa McGuinessSpiritual Director November 2022
SD might look like this: The client and I ask for the grace to see and hear their lived experience with warmth and spaciousness. From here, it is amazing how clarification often comes forth on its own. We inquire how they might live at a level that deeply resonates, down to Source, so as to live with ever more freedom. Anything can be brought to SD, but I have special experience with pregnancy, birth, and post partum, grief and loss, menopause, spiritual emergence, community, and dementia. My own core spirituality focuses on Participating in Divine Nature. I practice meditation, believe Reality is the best teacher, and follow Love. I’m in Colorado and quite comfortable with zoom sessions. I’ve had lots of practice…as a member of the first ChI class to be done completely online!
Alexandra Subramanian
Alexandra Subramanian Spiritual Director November 2022
From an early age, I have felt a call to understand human nature. I have tended to be a sort of peacemaker and mediator, someone who could perceive situations from a variety of perspectives. From my teen years, I felt guided and held by Spirit, and prayer as a way of life came to me early on and helped me through confusion and dark nights. I believe in the power of serving in the role of witness, and how powerful this becomes in the presence of the Divine! I am filled with gratitude for my cohort and for all of the wonderful teachers at CHI. It has been an honor and a privilege to learn the art of spiritual direction in this setting. I look forward to this new phase of my life as a spiritual director, and I welcome clients from all faiths and walks of life into my practice. For more information about my practice and to read my journals (blog), please view my website:

The Memories Over The Years