Will completing this program make me a chaplain and enable me to get a job?

Completing this program is one component of qualifying for professional chaplaincy work. Employment in health care chaplaincy usually requires additional preparations such as 4 units of CPE and a master's degree. Professional chaplains are trained and credentialed by several organizations; many employers require this further training and certification.

Where do I do my practicum?

Your practicum can be done either through a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) site or at a location (or locations) of your choice. Possibilities include hospitals, places of worship, prisons, assisted living facilities, supporting activist groups, singing at bedsides, leading spiritual growth workshops, and many other settings. Choose a practicum that will help you build a

Where and when are the courses held?

All courses are held online via Zoom and Moodle, except for the spring learning retreat held at a residential retreat center in the Bay Area. Each student must attend one on-site retreat and those run from Monday noon to Friday noon.

What happens at a course intensive?

Each course has a focus theme—world religions, basic skills of interfaith ministry or a deep focus on a special topic that relates to ministry or spiritual care. Class content flows between didactic and experiential, theological and psychological, artistic and reflective modalities. Although each is different, all of the courses contain elements related to ministry, chaplaincy,

How soon can I start?

Our Chaplaincy Program operates on semi-rolling admissions, with four months of the year offering a required first foundational course. In some cases, students begin at another time of year with an elective or two. In most cases, you can begin as soon as eight weeks after we receive all of your application materials, including letters

How do I enroll in the program?

By completing a written application and submitting it with other required documents. Acceptance into the program is based on a written application and interview via Zoom videoconference. The Chaplaincy Program application can be requested through admissions: admissions@chaplaincyinstitute.org.

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