Application Fee$150 (non-refundable)
Enrollment Fee

$250 (non-refundable, applied to tuition)

Other CostsBooks: $150 (approximate)

Individual Spiritual Direction: Rates Vary
(paid directly to provider; total of 30 sessions)

Practicum Supervision: Rates Vary
(paid directly to provider; total of 12 sessions)

Residential Retreat: $1,000-$1,200 plus transportation
(includes lodging and meals)

* If you are a ChI Chaplaincy Program student or graduate, you are eligible to receive a discount. Contact Admissions for more information.


* For Students in the Joint Program with Starr King School for the Ministry

If you are beginning your studies at CHI and are transferring credits from CHI ‘s Spiritual Direction Program to Starr King’s master degree program, the fees above apply. There are no discounts for the Spiritual Direction program for those entering the Joint Program at Starr King (the GTU equivalent rate for this program is larger than what CHI charges).

If you are are a Joint Program student and have begun your studies at Starr King and you’re coming to CHI – your CHI program fee and tuitions will be paid to CHI by Starr King from the fees students pay to SKSM for their studies toward a master’s degree, of which the program at CHI is a part. (If students choose to attend CHI before SKSM is able to fund their studies with us, students will be charged a discounted fee. Please inquire with CHI ‘s bookkeeper.)