Interfaith Studies Thematic Learning Modules

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  • January – Catholic & Orthodox Christianity
  • February – Earth Based Traditions
  • March – Mahayana Buddhism
  • April – Mystical Judaism
  • May – Mystical Islam – Sufism
  • June – Protestant Christianity
  • July – Islam
  • August – Theravada Buddhism
  • September – Judaism
  • October – Spiritual Psychology 1
  • November – Hinduism & Sikhism
  • December – Spiritual Psychology 2

Monthly: Wednesdays through Sundays, 9am to 5pm

These 5-day courses are designed to inspire and educate people who are called to serve in an Interfaith capacity in our increasingly diverse world. Participants immerse themselves in a deeply creative and nurturing environment to develop and deepen their personal theological perspectives, while also expanding their capacity to serve the spiritually and culturally diverse world in which we live.

Many individuals enroll in Thematic Module Intensives to discern their call to ministry and chaplaincy, prior to applying to our Interfaith Studies Certificate Course.


Each month a team of core and guest faculty guides students in an integral learning experience, incorporating theological, academic, creative and experiential elements. Each module has a distinct theme—either a world religion or a particular aspect of Interfaith ministry. Class content at the modules flows between didactic and experiential, theological and psychological, artistic and reflective modalities. Although each module is different, all of them contain elements of ministry, chaplaincy and spiritual care skill-building. Each module offers opportunities to explore prayer, meditation and ritual through the lens of a particular faith tradition. In addition, nearly every module includes:

  • Study of a World Faith Tradition
  • Courses on providing spiritual care
  • Student Sermons and Presentations
  • Group Visit to a Place of Worship
  • Creative Arts Component

On the first day of the module, you will be expected to attend lunch with Lauren Van Ham, Dean,to orient you to our learning community. Please also plan to attend all 5 days of the module. Assistance/access for differently-abled participants can be accommodated with prior arrangement.

Tuition: $1,200 payable at registration

Registration: By phone, please call (510) 843-1422 or

Scholarships, financial aid, discounts, and on-line learning, are not available for single modules.


More Information:

We are an adult learning community, growing through each person’s distinctive talents and perspectives. We honor each individual’s unique spiritual paths(s) and encourage them to continue to nurture their own theological perspectives.
Our educational approach is one of multi-modal education, always reaching for the balance of engaging the body as well as the mind and spirit, so that our students may learn to their greatest capacity, while having useful skills and tools with which to serve others.

Participants come from a diverse range of backgrounds—from nurses to yoga instructors to business people to psychologists. They also come from a diverse range of theological backgrounds—for example, Buddhists, Catholics, and many people who don’t define their spirituality through a specific faith tradition.

Our core faculty help to expand students’ working language of Interfaith studies and expresses the vision of Interfaith dialogue and inquiry of CHI . They are experts in specific faith traditions, spiritual practices, or other areas of spiritual leadership. Read more about our faculty here.