Oversees interactions with the CHI Seminary to ensure students and instructors have the highest quality experience possible.  Program Coordinator implements curriculum plans and teaching schedules for all seminary programs.  Coordinates logistics across all multi-day courses (Berkeley, CA) and for the online classroom (virtual).  This position works alongside and reports directly to the Seminary Dean.

Program Coordination:          Course & Faculty, Scheduling and Communications

Interfaith Studies (IS)

  • Coordinates day-to-day schedule for each course 6-12 months in advance of course offering.
  • Coordinates and confirms date/time of each class with corresponding CHI faculty and guest faculty member
  • Confirms and implements any class description or faculty changes, updates class schedule, and keeps all other classroom documentation current.
  • 10 days before course, writes and sends Welcome message to course faculty with all pertinent course & honorarium information.
  • Is on-site, as needed, at the beginning of each class to welcome faculty, provide any needed support and ensure strong beginnings.
  • Coordinates site visits with guest faculty and/or host at spiritual centers.
  • Accompanies student group on site visits, or arranges alumni/board volunteers or staff to be lead point person for accompanying students on field trips.

    Interfaith Spiritual Direction (SD) Program & Elective Courses

  • Supports Program Director and/or Elective Course faculty in finalizing day-to-day schedule for each course, 6 – 9 months in advance of courses.
  • Supports Program Director and/or Elective Course faculty in communicating with other members of the faculty/teaching team.
  • When requested, assists Program Director and/or Elective Course faculty with changes to course and keeps related classroom documentation current.
  • 10 days before course, writes and sends Welcome message to course faculty with all pertinent course & honorarium information.
  • Supports Program Director and/or Elective Course faculty to update module At-A-Glance and Day-to-Day schedules to reflect all changes, as needed
  • Works with Program Director and/or Elective Course faculty to enlist a TA (Teaching Assistant) to provide logistical and classroom support throughout the multi-day course.
  • Trains TA & serves as back-up support for TA (Teaching Assistant) regarding any logistical support throughout the multi-day course period.

 Program Coordination:          Student Relations and Communications

All Programs/Electives

  • One week before and week-of each course, updates At-A-Glance and Day-to-Day schedules to reflect any changes.
  • One week before course, writes and sends Welcome message to all students with all pertinent course and attendance details, including final Day-to-Day schedule and course Contact list. Forwards this communication to Academic Advisors and CHI staff.
  • Updates Required Reading lists and Homework assignments for each course, as well as all out-of-classroom requirements, as directed, making sure students have online access.
  • Maintains current version of all program forms and student Handbooks. Updates, 1-2 times annually, the online Student Handbook ensuring students have most up-to-date access to contact information, calendar changes and policy revisions.
  • Maintains and uploads up-to-date content on Student HUBs. Works with Communications Manager to enhance look and feel of HUBs and all program communications/materials.
  • Answers student inquiries regarding student HUB, homework, and schedule, and refers to Dean when further clarification is needed.
  • Supports Dean in communicating with students regarding changes in program policies.

Program Coordination:          Classroom Experience and Logistics

  • Oversees booking classroom and event space for all courses. Holds relationships with Friends, SKSM, Christ Church, All Souls, the Church of the Latter Day Saints, etc.
  • Coordinates parking lot use for multi-day courses (students and faculty).
  • Organizes classroom supplies, handouts, equipment, and other materials for courses. Understands and supports logistical needs of each faculty and class during courses.
  • Completes final “logistics/facilities check” for any materials/equipment needed by faculty for classes.
  • Vets applications for all MA (Module Assistant) or TAs and schedules MA or TA for each course.
  • Trains and oversees MAs or TAs, which includes being present for the first morning of setup of altar, welcome table, and all special needs, as well as opening of module. Works with MA/TA to create and maintain pleasant and functional day-to-day classroom space.
  • Coordinates, with MA/TA, the purchasing of food and beverage and hospitality for the first day of each course
  • Schedules, arranges food pick-up, and attends classroom luncheons to celebrate students completing their coursework.
  • Is present or makes arrangements with MA/TA for classroom/building security: unlocking in the morning, locking after last one leaves. This includes unlocking the parking lot padlock if/when needed.
  • Consults with Dean as needed regarding any classroom concerns or issues, specifically those pertaining to upholding the Community Commitment (read at the start of each course).
  • Is available during multi-day courses, via phone or text to respond to questions/needs from students, faculty and/or MA.
  • Ensures all items returned to CHI office as necessary at end of courses

Program Coordination:          Faculty Support

  • Provides to Accounting Manager the payment amount for each instructor for modules.
  • Supports Dean in preparation for Faculty Meeting (2x/year)
  • As needed, partners with Dean to recruit replacement instructors
  • When Dean cannot, attends classes that are being led by new faculty members and provides feedback for Dean.

Program Coordination:           Program Continuity & Improvement

  • Researches course dates, each January, with Dean, Program Director, SKSM and Community partners and calendar of religious holidays to complete calendar dates for the following 1-2 years of program dates.
  • With Accounting Manager and Dean, develops annual expense budgets for programs and manages to them
  • Creates survey monkey course evaluation reports for students/participants. Process evaluations in PDF format and distributes internally to Dean/Program Director
  • Sends final contact sheet to Accounting Manager following module.

Required Core Competencies: Proven integrity, reliability, attention to detail, creative self-initiative, And timely follow-through. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Strong customer service skills.  Excellence in problem-solving, decision-making, and conflict resolution. Ability to passionately and compellingly communicate CHIʼs vision, purpose, and offerings. Ties to the interfaith community. Minimum 3 years’ experience in program and event management positions. Must be willing to work some evenings and weekends every month, and have flexibility in scheduling.  Ideally live within 15 miles from Berkeley with easy accessibility to students and classroom.

Compensation Details: At-will professional and exempt part time position.  24 hours, 3 days per week equivalent with an interest of working more days in the future. Salary is paid every other week. Annual paid time off benefits.  Additional CHI tuition benefit provided permanent employees after 1 year.  Reports to the Dean.

Apply: Cover Letter (optional), Resume or CV and salary history to:

Rev. Lauren Van Ham, Seminary Dean