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  • If for some reason a student falls behind in payments, attendance will be suspended until payments are brought current.
  • Once payment plan is setup and your first payment has been made, there are no changes. If attendance plan changes, payment plan does not change UNLESS the student’s pace of studies is increased (if so, all fees must be paid by no later than the 1st of the month of the last scheduled module) OR unless the student is granted an official leave of absence by the Dean/Program Director (due to illness or family emergency) where the student needs to be “put on hold” in terms of their studies. In this case, payments cease until student begins studies again and a new monthly payment plan is put in place. Students wishing to continue with their education after a leave of absence (LOA) may resume their studies after approval by the Dean or Program Director. A $100 reactivation fee is due and charged the first of the month that studies resume. If program fees have increased since the student’s initial plan was setup, the fees are calculated based on the new program fee at the time student returns from leave.
  • Costs to Make Up a Missed Class. If a student misses a class and the Dean or Program Director deem it’s important for the student to make up the in person instruction, this will be coordinated between the instructor and the student and any additional costs incurred will be the responsibility of the student

Other Fees and Costs

Students who pay via credit card: ChI will pass on the 3% processing fee onto students each time payment is made with a card. Students who set-up automatic bank withdrawals to make their payments, or who pay by check or cash will not be charged a fee.

Late or re-processing fees: If credit card information on file becomes invalid and ChI is unable to process a payment by the first of the month in which it is due, then a $50 reprocessing fee will be incurred. For example, if card is automatically processed on the first of the month and it is no longer valid and the payment cannot be made, there will be a $50 reprocessing fee charged in addition to that month’s payment amount. If ChI is able to process payment in the same month, no additional fees will be charged.

If a student is paying online or by check and payment is received after the first of the month that it is due, a late fee of $100 will be incurred. Late fees will be incurred at $100 per month until accounts are brought up to date. Credit card payments that are more than 1 month late will also incur a late fee.

Cancellations or postponements of module attendance must be received via email to by no later than noon pacific standard time on the 1st of the month for the module being rescheduled. A cancellation that occurs later than this will result in a $100 administrative fee. If cancellation is prior to the first of the month, there will be no fee assessed. If you cancel or postpone between the first of the month and the first day of the module, you will be a charged a $100 administrative fee. [NOTE: In cases of family emergencies or unexpected health issues, appeals to waive this fee can be made to the Dean or Program Director.]

Refunds: There will be a $250 administrative fee deducted from all refunds.

  • Application and registration fees are non-refundable.
  • Students that drop from the program, are granted a leave of absence, or are asked to leave the program, are not eligible for a refund for payments already made. Future payments due after the month the drop or leave occurs will not be charged, until or unless studies resume. Students who prepay the program fee are eligible for refunds on a prorated basis, minus the administrative fee, as above. Fees are prorated based on the same payment schedule as students paying on a monthly basis, minus the 5% prepay discount.

Alumni Fees (including postage)


  • Copy of Transcript – $15
  • Replacement Certificate of Program Completion – $15


  • Replacement Stole – $100